Only Little Yacht Owners Pay Taxes


Thurston Howell III  John Kerry (D. Taxachusetts), is drawing flak for mooring his 76 foot sloop Isabel in Rhode Island rather than in Massachusetts.  By keeping his ship in Rhode Island, Kerry is avoiding paying taxes to his home state of an estimated $437, 500 in sales tax and $70,000 a year in excise tax.  Go to the Boston Herald here to read all about it.

You know, if I had the cash to blow on a yacht like that I think I would look into every legal way to avoid paying any more taxes on it than I had to.  However, I would not have made a career of voting for virtually every tax hike introduced in Congress as John Kerry has.

6 Responses to Only Little Yacht Owners Pay Taxes

  1. Teresa says:

    Sen. Kerry is such a hypocrite. He wants every other “rich” person to pay exorbitant taxes but he’ll do anything he possibly can to avoid paying high taxes.

  2. Mike Petrik says:

    This kind of tax planning is pretty typical, and not immoral at all in my view. But it is hard to square with Kerry’s political views on taxes though.

  3. Jasper says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  4. Don the Kiwi says:

    Its definitely a rort. They claim its being kept at Newport for long term maintenance, upkeep, and charter puroposes.

    Now charter purposes I will concede – but beautiful New Zealand build yachts need no upkeep, and almost no long term maintenance. 😉

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Normally I’d agree with you Don, but with Captain “Both ways” Kerry at the helm, I pity the poor Kiwi yacht!

  6. Bill Sr. says:

    I apologize for this outburst. I am really tired of all the charade and deception.

    The law of (Obama Land) now is the “Ruling Class” in America (congress and their financial friends and lobbyist), especially those associated with the progressive socialist movement, gain and maintain their cherished power and control through “entitlement” programs benevolently granted to their humble and obedient “Subjects” (constituents) and these have become more and more the sustaining source of income for nearly half of the population. The remaining subjects by necessity must be “encouraged” to continue producing the wealth needed to operate the system in order to complete the fundamental changing of America.

    That’s why some see Johnny’s tax tactics as “normal” and accept his logic and return to their love of labor for the liberal philosophy of divide the people and conquer the wealth.

    Therefore, the honorable John Kerry, loyal traitor, devout and highly regarded by the clergy Catholic In Name Only, merciful champion of abortion and gay rights, and our finest congressional example of a kept man (he knows he’s so handsome) appears as an icon for the American business man and the “little people” with little faith but who have placed it in his ability to maintain his glorious image and ‘keep the entitlements coming’.

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