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Here at American Catholic we sometimes receive unsolicited material.  Most of it we ignore.  However, there occasionally comes across an item that we think our readers might find interesting.  Since blog parodies are all the rage, I guess that is whatever motivated whoever did this.  I honestly have no clue who put this together, but I think I would hate to be in their satirical cross-hairs.  At any rate go here to view a parody of a blog that is teaching a new participant the rules of the blog.

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  1. Pauli says:

    I love the word “transom”. It also sounds serious, but has a pleasant bounciness to it and is far less nasty than the word fascist.

    Tinny, tinny!!

  2. Phillip says:

    Wait. You’re telling me that’s a parody?

  3. T. Shaw says:



    I don’t know how many years ago they banned my comments. And, I don’t know why I ever looked at that detritus – my lips became fatigued reading the 5,000 words they habitually employ to say, “I hate America and all who do not firmly believe that America is pure evil.”

    Now, they call us, “FASCIST.” Isn’t that cute? I guess, “RACIST” was already “taken.”

    No wait!

    I remember.

    I was doing clinical studies for the post-doctoral proctology and there it was I obtained nearly all the data/facts required for the dissertation on VN syndrome (cranium imbedded in rectum) in the commie, abortion catholosphere.

  4. Pauli says:

    Yeah–there is a comment over there, ostensibly made by the creators of the clip that it’s “intended to be deliberately over the top”. I told them that if that is so, they need to try harder.

  5. John Henry says:

    Heh. Although it kind of shatters the irony scale for an anonymous person to make a parody video complaining about anonymous parody blogs.

  6. Let me get this straight. VN allegedly starts up a parody blog of the TAC, TAC posts a video parodying VN & CF, then CF posts a parody of TAC’s parody video of VN.

    You know, some people have hobbies. Just sayin’

  7. I suppose it is getting a bit like Bugs and Elmer Fudd going at each other with increasingly large and ridiculous weapons.

    I think the real question of import here folks is: Who is Bugs and who is Fudd?

    Could we get a seven part post on that which cites the Church Fathers and determines which is more influenced by Enlightenment thinking?

  8. Dale Price says:

    “TAC posts a video parodying VN & CF…”

    You have no proof that anyone at TAC posted that.

    That’s an argument from silence, and thus is everywhere and always wrong.

    And no, I don’t care that adoptive admissions are used in common-law courts every day.

    La la la la la la can’t hear you.

    This is your first warning.

  9. And no, I don’t care that adoptive admissions are used in common-law courts every day

    Good b/c the common-law is only for barbarians. We should only look to what enlightened jurisdictions use in their civil codes.

  10. John Henry says:

    We’ll have none of your French-influenced clap-trap about civil codes and the like, here, Michael Denton. This is America, and almost all of us follow the common law (or at least those precedents which agree with the antecedent beliefs of the judge).

  11. jonathanjones02 says:

    The video is well done, and the CF blog would be well done also is michael knew what he was talking about with regard to fascism. Parody and mocking require a solid base of knowledge.

  12. John Henry:

    Whatever. You wish you had the elegance and accessibility of the civil code. You can have your Restatements; I’ll take the line of law descended from canon law, thank you very much.

  13. Pinky says:

    OK, I’m usually all about the civility and the need to avoid blog wars, but that video was hilarious! Brilliant work.

  14. Pauli says:

    I’m usually all about the civility and the need to avoid blog wars

    Are there actual wars going on between Catholic bloggers? Real wars? Or do you just mean exposés? You know, calling these small verbal skirmishes “wars” is sort of insulting to all the innocent people who who have been wounded or even killed in wars started by our own CIA across the globe, not to mention the Israeli Mossad.

  15. Pinky says:

    Pauli, you misunderstand. I mean disagreements. I just use terms like “wars” because American imperialism is so ingrained in me.

  16. Pauli says:

    Oh, ok. I suppose the Neanderthals who run this blog wouldn’t be able to read a long word like disagreements.

  17. Don the Kiwi says:


    Get a life.

  18. Dale Price says:


    Pauli’s being sarcastic. As was Pinky.

  19. Pauli says:

    Sorry–yeah I was joking my really annoying way, but nevertheless, Don the Kiwi is correct: I should get a life.

  20. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Don, thank you rising to the blog’s defense. Pauli is basically a blog equivalent of the Joker if the Joker blogged and were on the side of the angels.

    To get a feel where he is coming from, here is a link to his blog, Est Quod Est, also known as ContraPauli, which I read faithfully. Pauli is one of the few Catholic bloggers who I believe has a more warped sense of humor than I do.


  21. Don the Kiwi says:

    Thanks for the clarification guys.


    All is forgiven…..well, almost.

    Maybe next time put up a warning to South Pacific Down-under colonials from the last outpost of the crumbled British Empire (now euphemistically known as the British Commonwealth)

    (Oh Gawd – roll on republicanism 😉 )

  22. samrocha says:

    That was funny, really it was. It could have gone much further, though.

    If you look at the perception that both “sides” seem to have of each other, they both look very much alike!

    I do find it all hard to make sense of as far as my own work at Vox Nova goes. I guess I don’t belong there. Maybe I can write here? Or both places? Or none?


  23. Pauli says:

    Sam, you could write for my site. But you have to get really drunk first.

  24. samrocha says:

    First? Check your assumptions, Pauli.

  25. I guess I don’t belong there. Maybe I can write here? Or both places? Or none?

    These things do seem to happen at times… 🙂

  26. Phillip says:

    Of course you can write here. After all, they keep letting me comment. 🙂

  27. […] But I had no time. I still have very little; at least, less than I am used to. As my scarcity of time took me to the sidelines, I watched things develop. Today, I viewed a slightly funny video about Vox-Nova posted at The America Catholic. […]

  28. phosphorious says:

    Too long, didn’t watch the whole thing. Satire needs to be pithy. Like this:


    More than twice the wit in less than half the time!

  29. Phillip says:

    And then again, maybe not.

  30. Paul Zummo says:

    Wow, you VN people really don’t get how satire works, do ya?

  31. phosphorious says:

    It’s because we’re partisan hacks who put politics before everything.


  32. RL says:

    More than twice the wit in less than half the time!

    Or not. A jerk store moment if I ever seen one.

  33. phosphorious says:

    But you have to appreciate the camerawork, though. . .

  34. RL says:

    I do. As well as the timing of the delivery. Thought that was one of the funnier parts of the DebateClub video (thought the “passive aggressive _ sissies” was a bit of a fail).

  35. phosphorious says:

    I hope y next production will be up to TAC’s exacting standards.

    Mel Gibson has signed on to produce.

  36. Tito Edwards says:

    Paul Z.,

    I like your new gravatar pic!

    Give me a ring the next time your down here in Houston.

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