The Best Candidate for Congress You’ve Never Heard Of

Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.  Every election there are candidates running for Congress who are decided underdogs in their races, but who would make superb representatives if they can pull off an upset.  My personal favorite this cycle is Teresa Collett running in Minnesota 4.  She has an uphill fight.  In 2008 the pro-abort incumbent, Betty McCollum, won by 37 points.  However, Ms. Collett is running a feisty campaign and I believe she is beginning to gain some traction.

She is a professor of law at the University of Saint Thomas.  She has a distinguished history of pro-life activism:

Testified about the constitutional right of parents to know of their daughter’s decision before she has an abortion during a forum of the US House of Representatives.
Defended Augusta Roman’s right to preserve the lives of her embryonic children in Roman v. Roman, et al. before the United States Supreme Court.
Testified before a committee of the Connecticut legislature regarding the need for parents to know if their daughter is seeking an abortion.
Represented Congressman Ron Paul and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons defending the partial-birth abortion ban before the United States Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart.
Testified before a committee of the Minnesota legislature in favor of amending the state constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
Represented Governors Tim Pawlenty and John Hoeven, as well several New Hampshire legislators, defending parents right to know if their daughter is seeking an abortion before the United States Supreme Court in Planned Parenthood of Northern New England v. Ayotte.
Represented the Christian Medical and Dental Association and the Catholic Medical Association in defending the federal partial birth abortion ban in several federal courts.
Represented all Kansas district attorneys in their defense of the constitutionality of the Kansas statute requiring sexual abuse of children be reported in Aid For Women v. Foulston.
Represented the Catholic Medical Association before the United States Supreme Court arguing that the practice of medicine does not include helping patients kill themselves in Gonzales v. Oregon.
Represented the Christian Medical Association and the Catholic Medical Association in Florida defending women’s right to sue abortion providers for malpractice in State v. Presidential Women’s Center.
Testified about the consequences of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton before a committee of the United States Senate.
Testified in favor of a bill requiring parental consent for all medical care provided to their children before a committee of the Minnesota legislature.
Defended Oklahoma’s law requiring that abortion providers pay for any injuries suffered by a minor who obtained an abortion without her parents’ knowledge in Nova Health Systems v. Gandy.
Defended the right of parents to know when their daughter is given the morning-after pill in Anspach v. Philadelphia Department of Public Health.
Represented Dr. C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States, and other doctors who oppose assisted suicide in Oregon v. Ashcroft, 368 F.3d 1118 (2004) (federal drug regulation and assisted suicide).
Testified in favor the “Prenatal Protection Act” protecting mothers and their unborn children from violent acts by others before a committee of the Texas legislature.
Represented Texas Right to Life arguing that a hospital can not be liable for saving the life of premature child who is disabled in Miller ex rel Miller v. HCA, Inc.
Represented the Texas Physicians Resource Council arguing against taxpayer funding for abortions in Bost v. Low Income Women of Texas.
Testified before committees of the Vermont and New Jersey legislature in favor of parents’ right to know of their daughter’s decision to get an abortion.

She is a champion of limited government.  Go here to read her statement on the role of limited government.  She is a deficit Hawk and is willing to tackle such sacred cows as social security.  Go here to read her thoughts on debt reduction.  Go here to read her stances on various issues.


In a normal election year Teresa Collett running in a heavily Democrat district would not stand a chance.  However, this is far from a normal election year.   I believe she has a fighting chance.  Keep your eye on her.  If you are looking for a strong pro-life candidate to support with funds or volunteering, I think you need look no farther

8 Responses to The Best Candidate for Congress You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Patrigin says:

    Awesome pro-life record… but the views expressed in the video are not too inspiring… I would love to see a new breed of true Catholic politicians that would be courageously pro-life but at the same time understand the need for government’s intervention to offset the greed of big business and safeguard the basic necessities of the most vulnerable of our society.

  2. TimH says:

    You can’t be pro-contraception and still call yourself pro-life. I wonder where she comes down on public funding of contraception.


  3. Anthony says:

    Hey! A Ron Paul connection. Respect.

  4. Dale Price says:

    This post gets a “thumbs down” from Mr. Winters, who continues his vendetta against TAC. He invokes the “Three-Fifths Compromise” and interstate highways in his new fulmination.

    Whichever of you guys owes him money, please pay up. He’s going to short out another keyboard very soon.

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “This post gets a “thumbs down” from Mr. Winters, who continues his vendetta against TAC.”

    Well in that case Dale I am truly convinced now that Ms. Collett is a superb candidate if she can cause Mr. Winters to vent his spleen against someone other than Robert George!

  6. Mike Downing says:

    It will indeed be a pleasure for me to vote on 11/2 for Teresa Collett. She is the only intelligent candidate running for MN CD4!!

  7. As a resident of MN 4th District, Teresa Collett is the best candidate we’ve had go up against the feeble minded Betty McCollum since she’s been in office. Betty knows it too, since she has so far ignored Teresa’s request to debate her 4 times before the November election. It is pretty much accepted that Rep. McCollum is not very smart, and as such will be destroyed in a debate with Ms. Collett.

    Betty McCollum is an ultra liberal, rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. She has never met a spending bill she hasn’t supported, and is decidedly anti business and anti taxpayer. She’s voted for TARP, for the Stimulus, for ObamaCare, and Cap and Trade. In 10 years in office, the most significant legislative achievement she has is a bill she authored renaming a post office was signed into law.

    Betty represents St. Paul, a city with a very vibrant Jewish community — yet she is anti Israel and pro Hamas. She actually kicked representatives of the largest Jewish political action committee out of her office. Betty McCollum calls herself Catholic — yet her policies are pro abortion, anti family, anti marriage and anti God. The most insulting thing this woman has done was stand in front of Congress and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, leaving out the words “Under God.” You can see the video of this insulting incident here:

    It will be my pleasure to vote for Teresa Collett this fall, and I encourage all of my neighbors in MN CD4 to do the same. We can do so much better than Betty McCollum!

  8. MadVoterInMN says:

    Betty McCollum must go; the previous poster hit the nail on the head. Betty is an intellectual fly-weight that would be challenged in a debate with Paris Hilton.

    In 10 years she has
    – Voted 98.4% along party lines
    – Introduced 40 bills, only 1 passed (renaming New Brighton’s Post Office)
    – Debated 2 times

    Betty is useless and needs to go before she hurts America further!

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