Pro-Life Group Calls On GOP to Support Life

My old employer, the Susan B. Anthony List, has launched a new initiative encouraging the GOP to include Pro-Life legislation in it’s latest Contract for America.

SBA List President, Marjorie Dannenfelser, explains why this initiative is needed:

“The Republican Party must show what it is made of this time around.  They can do so by acting on their convictions and those of their party, and by making a commitment to passage of common-sense, life-saving legislation.  Missing from the GOP’s original Contract in 1994 was any emphasis on policies protecting the unborn.  Pro-life legislation was not made a priority in the following Congress.  With the support of a vibrant pro-life movement that understands the urgency of addressing the tragedy of nearly 4,000 abortions per day coupled with the vast majority of Americans who support a commonsense pro-life agenda, enacting that agenda would not require a heavy lift.”

Check out the SBA List’s petition for more information and to join their cause.

10 Responses to Pro-Life Group Calls On GOP to Support Life

  1. Will there be something on providing everybody in employer-based inusrance with a pro-life option, to level the playing field with the new individual market when it comes into effect? If so, sign me up. But I doubt it, don’t you? The GOP would sell their own mothers as well as the unborn to keep their corporate interests happy. Don’t delude yourselves.

  2. Jay Anderson says:

    Tony, I know it pains you to talk about abortion because it detracts from all the other more important things the Democrats are about, but this post was, you know, about ABORTION.

    The Susan B. Anthony List is an advocacy group whose purpose is to pursue ending the legalized slaughter of the unborn. It is not one of those groups who poses as “pro-life” but never seems to talk about abortion because they’re too busy pushing the Democrat agenda.

  3. Jay Anderson says:

    I, for one, am glad to see the SBA List holding GOP feet to the fire rather than merely taking the postition that GOP = Pro-life. If more pro-life groups would take a similar tack and hold the Republicans accountable for their failure to do more and push harder on ending aboriton, the GOP couldn’t just assume the support of pro-lifers come election time and might actually do something.

  4. c matt says:

    I am afraid that the election of O was bad for pro-life policies not just because of his direct support of abortion, but because he has been soooo bad as president, the GOP will get a huge push this election even if the GOP ignores pro-life concerns.

    But more power to the SBA for doing their best to keep pro-life heat on the GOP.

  5. RL says:

    Will there be something on providing everybody in employer-based inusrance with a pro-life option, to level the playing field with the new individual market when it comes into effect?

    That’s something, but fortunately the SBA lobbies for something much better, IMO. You may think that having plans that offer abortion coverage as an option are swell. SBA want abortion coverage prohibited in both public and private insurance policies. In fact they want to make it so that people can’t even pay for abortion out of their own pocket.

    Like Jay, I’m glad they’re putting pressure on the GOP. I don’t trust the GOP to always (or even usually!) do the right thing, but they’re the only party of the two that has a substantial block of pro-lifers and the party can be influenced. The Dems are just wed to abortion. It being the highest good and a right and all that….

  6. Looking at the site, it appears that it allows you to write in your own recommendations. So MM, if you want to recommend that alterations in insurance coverage ought to be part of the GOP’s pro-life agenda.

    However, I think Jay does hint at something else. With the Tea Party, pro-life groups are struggling just to make sure that abortion and social issues stay in the debate in the GOP, and insurance coverage may not be politically practical to push for right now. That said, SBA and others could for the GOP, whereas they’d get laughed out of the Dems.

  7. Jay: “but this post was, you know, about ABORTION”

    Could you be possibly saying, Jay, and abortion has no relationship to health insurance? Surely not!

  8. Eric Brown says:

    I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Jay Anderson says:

    Oh, lighten up, MM. I was just needling you for commenting on an abortion post since abortion doesn’t appear to be one of those topics you’re very keen on seeing dominate the political discourse.

    I guess I shoulda put one of those smilies at the end of my post:


  10. Donald R. McClarey says:

    I have no doubt this will receive the full endorsement of the House and Senate leadership of the GOP, especially after Sarah Palin endorses it, as I assume she will in the near future. She and the Susan B. Anthony List are quite close, and I suspect she had input on this initiative.

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