Weekend Baroque

I have been listening to an awful lot of Baroque music lately, as my Facebook friends know well 🙂 These pieces will be old news to them, having already been edified by my musical selections over the last few weeks. But now I share them with you, as representatives of the greatest musical tradition in history. Let the musical fascism commence!

1. Antonio Vivaldi: Viola D’Amore Concerto in D Minor (RV 540). I love the sound of the viola d’amore. Few composers wrote music for it at all, and fewer still with the skill of Vivaldi. [A big thank you to Youtube subscriber Harmonico 101 for all of his fantastic uploads as well]

2. J.S. Bach: Fugue in G Minor “The Great” (BWV 542). This is my favorite version of this fugue on YouTube; I found it to be the most clean recording and crisp performance.

3. G.F. Handel: Concerto Grosso no.8 op.6 (HWV 326). I love all of Handel’s Concerto Grosso, so choosing one piece to post is difficult. But this one has captured my ear as of late, so here it is.

6 Responses to Weekend Baroque

  1. Michael Barger says:

    Um, who is the “I” who posted this from among American Catholic’s many contributors?

    Always good to see another Baroque fan at it. There are untold treasures of the Catholic Baroque in France and Italy by Charpentier, Delalande, Sister Chiara Margarita Cozzolani and many others that are virtually unknown among Catholics.

  2. GodsGadfly says:

    Michael, it’s often hard to figure out who writes the posts–you have to see the name on the homepage. In this case, it’s Joe Hargrave.

    I recently observed that Baroque music is the one good thing that came out of the Reformation.

    Joe, borrowing a joke from my dad, the weekend isn’t started yet, and you’re already baroque?

  3. Donna V says:

    That was lovely, Joe, thank you!

  4. Joe Hargrave says:

    You are welcome!

  5. Karl says:

    Nice to read about the classical music fans at “American Catholic”.

  6. Joe Hargrave says:

    My aim is the preservation of Western cultural hegemony.

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