Space Alien Followers vs. Pope Benedict (No, Seriously)

A prophet, who now goes by the name “Rael,” once encountered space aliens who told him the secret of life. Later, his followers, “the Raelians,” set up an advocacy group to expose pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church. But the group’s work was frustrated when Pope Benedict XVI (a.k.a. Joe Ratzinger) covered up the crimes of Catholic priests, in an effort to discredit the Raelians and suppress their message.

If I were writing fiction, this would be about the point where Tom Hanks holds a black light up to a window in Washington National Cathedral to reveal the precise location of Area 51. But before he can tell anybody, Al Pacino (heretofore unobtrusively sitting in a pew, drinking a glass of orange juice) makes Hanks an offer he can’t refuse.

But this isn’t fiction; this is the real world. In the real world, there is only one way to handle this kind of massive conspiracy, cover-up, and intrigue: a lawsuit.

And so it is that today, on the thirteenth of September in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, that Pope Benedict XVI finds himself sued in the High Court of Justice: Queen’s Bench Division, for tortious interference with business…

Full story here.


4 Responses to Space Alien Followers vs. Pope Benedict (No, Seriously)

  1. c matt says:

    Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography


    I am surprised they didn’t try to caption this “Aliens v. Predators”.

  2. c matt says:

    How much damage can you do to the reputation of space alien worshippers that isn’t already self-inflicted?

  3. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Any damage would certainly appear to be de minimis. I can only imagine the number of wackdoodle lawsuits like this that are filed around the globe against the Pope each day.

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