TAC Pro Football Top 10

We promised pro rankings, and here they are. I promise not to abuse my discretion as poster to unnecessarily promote the official team of all orthodox Catholics, the New Orleans Saints…

…after I post that picture. Ok, now I’m done. Maybe.

Same deal as the college ranks, though we decided that debating whether the Browns or Rams were the worst team was boring, so we limited it to the top 10. Voters are myself, Tito, and Paul Zummo. Cue the ranks!

  1. New Orleans Saints (2) – While no team was perfect in Week 1, hard to find much not to like about the Saints. The offense wasn’t as productive, but offenses always struggle in Week 1 and the Saints faced the best D-line in the league. What is instructive is how dominant the Saints were on defense, limiting Peterson and making Farve wish he was retired.
  2. Green Bay Packers (1) – With the Vikings get smoked along with the rest of the NFC contenders not from Louisiana, Green Bay will look to contend with the Saints for #1 spot. A trip to Lambeau or the Superdome could decide it all.
  3. Baltimore Ravens – On behalf of the rest of the league, I thank you for shutting the Jets up.
  4. New England Patriots – I hate the Patriots. Why must they always be so good? Even if their defense is no longer dominant, Brady is back and he’s got enough weapons to be dangerous(Paul)
  5. Indianapolis Colts – Losing to the Texans isn’t troubling; having no run defense is.
  6. New York Giants – Eli Manning finally has a core of receivers that provide him with valuable weapons. The key to the Giants’ success is whether or not their running game can return to 2008 form. (Paul)
  7. Houston Texans – This is not an over-reaction to their performance against the Colts on Sunday.  The Texans are legitimately this good, and Matt Schaub might pick up an MVP trophy before all is said and done.  And while he probably won’t run for 250 yards every Sunday, what you saw from Arian Foster was no fluke.  There might be a team from Texas in the Super Bowl, but if there is it won’t be the one from Dallas.(Paul)
  8. New York Jets – The defense looks good, but put Sanchez against a D with any kind of mental toughness and he folds.
  9. TIE-Steelers/Chargers/Titans/Redskins – Let’s take each at a time. Pitt did well securing at worst going 1-3 in the Big ben-less era, which is important in a tough division race. The Chargers choked, but special teams won’t kill them all the time-will they? The Titans showed they can run, but against the Raiders, who can’t? And the Redskins put an end to all this “Cowboys in the Superbowl” talk (at least until the next time Dallas wins a game), so they earned our gratitude.

Others receiving votes: Seahawks, Bears, and the Bucs.
Commence debate and mockery of Tony Romo in the combox!

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10 Responses to TAC Pro Football Top 10

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    Is Tony dating one of the Kardashians this year?

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    Where did the other number vote go to?

  3. No kardashians; last I saw he’s with a Miss. Missouri or some such. As far as number 10, since there were 4 people at 9, the next number would have to have been 13 so I just left them all at 9.

  4. “[O]ffenses always struggle in Week 1 […] What is instructive is how dominant the Saints were on defense.”


    A bit of a leap in ratio, Michael? 😉

  5. Tito Edwards says:

    My bad Michael, I meant to ask, where are the other number one votes go to.

  6. Paul Zummo says:

    Well I switched GB and NO in my list, so that’s the other number one Tito.

    I’m a little disappointed that the Cowboys didn’t make it, if only so that Michael could have published my snide little comment about them: Over-Rated! Clap clap clap clap.

  7. Chris:

    Fair point, but it was the way the defense played, particularly the strong showing by Jenkins who is replacing Sharper, that is very encouraging. Furthermore, they managed to play good defense without turnovers, the main knock against them last year.

  8. Paul Zummo says:

    Oh, and I guess apologies are in order to Michael who got my list of all 32 teams. I guess I misread what our rankings were supposed to be. Well, as told him in my email, I was on a very long series of flights and was a little bored.

  9. Paul:

    No problem; I got yours, I ranked 32 teams and then Tito sent in 10. It was then that I decided to go down to 10 lol.

  10. Tito Edwards says:

    It’s nice down here under the bus Michael.


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