A New Logo? Yeah, That’ll Turn Things Around!

Hattip to my friend Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia.  Yesterday Democrat leaders had a momentous press conference.   With considerable fanfare they announced:

Yep, with the Party of the Jackass set to get perhaps the worst drubbing since 1894, a truly forgettable logo is brought forth.  Ma Bell should sue:        

This all mystifies me since the Democrats have a perfectly fine logo in the Jackass and I mean that sincerely.  The Jackass has been associated with the Democrats since Andrew Jackson, the father of the Democrat Party, was called a Jackass along with every other name in the book.  Jackson adopted the Jackass as a symbol, and the connection has stuck.  Most grassroots Democrats like to think of themselves as onery and tough, just like the Jackass.  Changing this for a symbol that looks like it was devised by an advertising exec with the imagination of a stool is beyond me.  However, the powers that be in the Democrat party apparently pay as little heed to grassroot Democrats as some of the GOP establishment pay to grassrroot Republicans.

2 Responses to A New Logo? Yeah, That’ll Turn Things Around!

  1. Wow. You know, I was bothered by the Democrats’ stances on abortion and their unwise fiscal policies, but a D in a circle? In such a pretty blue? I like blue; I’m sold. Time to work for change that matters.

    On a side note, if the new slogan is “change that matters” what happened to the hope of “hope and change?” Or the Dems now admitting that they’re fairly hopeless?

  2. Phillip says:

    A big “D”. Isn’t that grade inflation?

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