TAC College Football Rankings: Week 3

No upsets before midnight central standard time made for a fairly quiet rankings; this week we lined up more or less with the AP poll (though Tito and I threw it some curves). Some random thoughts of my own before the rankings:

Could we please stop with the Locker for #1 pick and Heisman? This is the second game he’s blown this year. He shouldn’t still be on a Heisman ballot. The Heisman is between Pryor, Robinson and Patrick Peterson (his interceptions this weekend were insane) at this point.

If Ole Miss had listened to their fans and made Admiral Ackbar their mascot, maybe they would have known that Vanderbilt & Jacksonville St. had the potential to be A TRAP! (Seriously, Ole Miss is terrible and Ackbar is a better choice than the moronic suggestions they’ve come up with so far to replace Johnny Reb. of course, the stupidity & lack of creativity of Ole Miss’s student body is how we got stuck with the lame “Magnolia Bowl” title between LSU & Ole Miss /rant.)

Brian Kelly is not a good coach, or at least not from what I saw Saturday night. A bizarre 4th & 1 decision to go for it in Notre Dame territory late in the 4th quarter as well as being totally unprepared for an obvious fake field goal situation makes me question Kelly. Coming from a fan who puts up with Les Miles’s gambles, that’s saying a lot.

Ok, time for the rankings! This week, we had 6 submit rankings: Dave, Tito, MJ, Jay, Paul, and myself. We had more comments this time, so we’ll do (DH)-Dave, T-tito, MD-Me, and MJ-MJ Andrew. Tito’s comments especially are priceless and merit reading.

  1. Alabama (5) – Duke plays football? First real test this weekend when on the road against SEC West foe Arkansas. (MD) Last Week:  1
  2. Ohio State – This team looks every bit as good as the 2002-03 national champions (MJ) Last Week:  2
  3. Oregon – Offensive clinics should continue in Pac-10 play(MJ) Last Week:  5
  4. Boise State (TIE w/ Oregon) – Answered many questions in the first quarter by running roughshod over the Cowboys (DH) Last Week:  3
  5. TCU – No one talks about TCU but they quietly handle their business (MD) Last Week:  4
  6. Nebraska (1) – Went into the atheist den that is western washington and beat an overrated Huskies squad. (T) Last Week: #6
  7. Oklahoma – Lucky to get away from the Falcons. (T) Last Week:  7
  8. Texas – I’m not sold yet, though beating Texas Tech gives a little more credibility. (MD) Last Week:  8
  9. Arkansas – Razorback fans haven’t been this excited in years(DH) Last Week:  14
  10. Florida – Arkansas is licking their chops (DH) Last Week:  10
  11. Stanford-cremated another overrated eastern football whimp in Lame Forrest. (T) Last Week: 15
  12. Arizona – Nearly blew a big lead to a tough Iowa team.  Has much more to improve. (T) Last Week:  22
  13. Utah (TIE w/ Arizona) – I just don’t get the sense they’re good enough to challenge TCU (MD) Last Week:  12
  14. LSU – The defense is amazing, and even with red-zone issues the offense scored on every drive until the 4th quarter. Yet it is somehow never enough for the media. LSU gets another prime-time chance to prove itself when the Mountaineers come to Death Valley. (MD) Last Week:  11
  15. Wisconsin – Upset a fine team in the Scum Devils. (T) Last Week:  13
  16. South Carolina – Beating Georgia puts SC at the cusp of being a contender for the SEC East; beating Auburn this week this make it a reality. (MD) Last Week:  16
  17. Auburn – while you question why they had to come back against Clemson at home, they did a good job doing it. (MD) Last Week:  18
  18. Iowa – What idiot scheduled a game at 9 central time? Iowa looked off in the beginning, but it’s the bad decisions at the end (5 sacks) they get them the loss.  Last Week:  9
  19. Michigan – Nearly lost to another womens football team. (T) Last Week:  20
  20. USC – The Trojan are on their way to the bottom of the Pac if they continue to trip over garbage like the not-so-Golden Gophers of Minnesota. (T) Last Week:  17
  21. Miami – no one else in the ACC other than Clemson that has any dignity left (MD) Last Week:  19
  22. West Virginia – Maryland is nice, but it’s not Death Valley. Tigah Bait! Tigah Bait! (MD) Last Week:  23
  23. Nevada – Walked all over another cesspool of liberalism. (T) Last Week:  NR
  24. Fresno State – Destroyed an underrated Aggies squad (T)(He is referring to the Utah State Aggies, not Texas A&M. I had to look it up-MD) Last Week:  24
  25. Texas A&M – Cruised by Florida Interplanetary. (T) Last Week:  NR

Also receiving votesMissouri, Oregon State, Penn State, Michigan State, Air Force, Arizona State, Clemson, Idaho, and Temple.

7 Responses to TAC College Football Rankings: Week 3

  1. Dale Price says:

    Florida v. Arkansas should be an excellent game. BTW, Razorback fans–you’re welcome for Mallett.

    Oregon’s offense reminds me of accounts of the Mongol invasions.

    We won’t know anything for sure about the Wolverines before the Michigan State game. Unless, of course, they pratfall or have UMass-like near misses against Bowling Green or Indiana.

  2. Big Tex says:

    Seeing the Aggies in the Top 25 is nice, but seems a bit unwarranted… especially with two games in a row with 5 turnovers… each. But then again, it only took them one quarter to outscore FIU.

  3. Yeah, Tito ranked them high but no one else ranked them (not even MJ, who is an Aggie alum). I was not impressed with their effort v. FIU. I wish them all the best, but it looks like a rough year for them unless they can muster together one huge upset.

  4. MJAndrew says:

    I am a big TAMU fan, but I must admit that they don’t belong (yet) among the T-25. They barely got by Florida International, and J. Johnson looked like a freshman against the FIU defense. I’m a bit worried about Big-12 play for the Aggies.

  5. Tito Edwards says:

    Texas A&M is my Notre Dame.

    They have the most outstanding Catholic apostolate in the country when it comes to public universities. I have met so many faithful and devout Catholics from that school that I have adopted A&M as my school to root for (after Arizona and Hawaii) while Notre Dame tries to recover from the Obama fallout.

    Yes, I’m disappointed at how A&M has started the year, but they still won. Though if they do another dead-cat bounce victory then I too will begin to think twice of their worthiness to be in the T-25.

  6. Big Tex says:

    Well, that game, or at least the third quarter (4 INT’s) was very uncharacteristic of Jerrod Johnson. My hope is that this was an aberration. They did manage to pull out the win in one quarter of play, so that says something about character. Well… it’s on to Okie Lite.

  7. jonathanjones02 says:

    The Aggie defense was outstanding, but Johnson was the very definition of erratic – I think the creative defensive scheming of FIU had him for three quarters (plus the very, very young O line).

    This Thursday will tell us a lot (although the OSU defense isn’t the greatest).

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