TAC Pro Football Rankings: Week 2

Week 2 provided a bit of a reality check. We found out that a few teams are far from the panic button; some, like in Minnesota and Dallas, need to be jamming the panic button.

This week we had four rankings: Tito, myself, Paul, and MJ Andrew. See the results after the jump.

  1. New Orleans Saints (3) – the 10 day layoff, the swirling wind, and Jerry Rice’s retirement ceremony giving plenty of motivation to 49er fans and players alike all should have ensnared New Orleans in this trap game, but it didn’t. However, the Saints will need to improve the offense’s point production to be able to beat Atlanta and have to do this without Bush. That said, a weak stretch afterwards will allow this team to get a dominant hold on the division and perhaps the NFC with a win on Sunday. Last week: 1
  2. Green Bay Packers (1) – destroyed Buffalo and gets a Monday night showdown with the Bears in what looks like a critical game for the division. Last week: 2
  3. Houston Texans – Last week they did it on the ground; this week they did it in the air. That kind of versatility is key for success. Last week: 7
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – 7 turnovers? Polamalu is an amazing player, and his presence has a greater impact then Ben’s. Still, they’re running short on QBs and will be grateful for Week 5. Last week: 9
  5. Indianapolis Colts – the Manning Bowl was like most bowl games-lots of hype, then a beatdown. Last week: 5
  6. New York Jets – If Edwards is suspended for his DUI, their offense might stumble again. Losing both Edwards and Revis would be terrible. Last week: 8
  7. New England Patriots – if they don’t appreciate Moss now, they better after that one-handed grab Last week: 4
  8. Miami Dolphins – got a touch win in the Metrodome, but the real fight for the AFC East begins against the Jets. Last week: NR
  9. Chicago Bears – Good start, but for some reason I feel like this team should be better than what’s it shown Last week: NR
  10. Baltimore Ravens – Not sure why everyone got sold on Flacco; too many weapons for the offense to be this poor Last week: 3
  11. San Diego Chargers (TIE for 10) – Rivers is having a great season, but they have to be looking at jealousy at Tomlinson run well for NYJ Last week: 9

Dropped out: Washington Redskins (9), Tennessee Titans (9), and the New York Giants (6).

Also receiving votesTampa Bay Bucs and Kansas City Chiefs.

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