Our Time For Action

Deacon Keith Fournier, a great American and a good friend, is leading an important conversation along with others that I would highly encourage folks to follow.  Judge these articles and share your thoughts in the comments.

Will House Republican Agenda Defend Life and Marriage? Time for Catholic Action

Will ‘Social’ Issues Disappear from the Republican Agenda?

Santorum’s Speech: Capturing the Kennedy Mystique, Correcting the Kennedy Mistake

U.S. Political Season Begins: ‘Morally Coherent’ Catholics Can Change this Nation

4 Responses to Our Time For Action

  1. Teresa says:

    I have read Santorum’s speech and it was magnificent. He is truly a leader, a Catholic leader, who we need in these times. He can help to turn around the harm that Kennedy’s speech caused by pretty much silencing religious free speech in our society. Kennedy made it taboo instead of encouraging religious speech in the public sphere.

    Will check out the other articles later, heading to work. God Bless.

  2. Bill Sr. says:

    Inside Catholic is one of my favorite websites and Deacon Fournier is the reason why.
    The election of Barack Obama with a majority of “Catholics” voting for him was an indescribable tragedy for the church in America. We must reverse course on the politically paved path to moral suicide which he and the Democratic Part have prepared for the nation with the help of a misguided laity in tow.
    There were many prominent catholic leaders who were duped either by the Obama media or their own shallow catholicity who joined the false Hope and Change brigade in some sort of self chastisement to relieve or remove a dark shadow they believed existed within their conscience. The accolades and support filled the catholic media and were hand picked to blast all over the mainstream press and television. But none more so than (Ambassador) Doug Kmeic who just could not heap enough praise on the anointed One or criticize and admonish Catholics who took pause to question his credentials or values. He used his status as an elitist in catholic doctrine to conger a guilt complex on any of the faithful who would waste a chance to vote for a minority president regardless of his lack of experience or his vague past and highly questionable background and associations.
    Simply stated had the nations Catholics had a better understanding of the doctrines of their faith and a firmer grip on their moral conscience they would not have been lured to partake of the fruit of fools or cast their lots with the political masters of manipulation.
    I write for and on behalf of any and all the Church’s faithful who remember what happened in November of 2008 and feel the betrayal imposed on us as our nation has slipped deeper into the culture of death and corruption.

  3. T. Shaw says:

    Democrats consistently, lethally are worse on abortion and they have made a “profession” (since Andrew Jackson) out of fomenting envy and hatred between the classes and races.

    The Dem party is the anti-Christ.

  4. Karl says:

    Catholics do not defend marriage. They defend divorce through defending annulments.

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