Worse Than Murder Inc. Meets its Match In Governor Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, a man who is rapidly becoming my favorite male politician, has successfully cut state funds for Worse Than Murder, Inc, a\k\a Planned Parenthood.

After the New Jersey state Senate defeated an attempt to override the decision of Gov. Chris Christie to cut off state taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood abortion businesses, the first facility run by the national abortion giant is closing.

The Cherry Hill Courier Post newspaper says a Planned Parenthood facility located on Haddonfield Road and operated by Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey will close down.

PP-SNJ stands to lose as much as $160,000 in taxpayer funds because of Christie’s decision and the upholding of his veto. With the closing of the Cherry Hill center, Planned Parenthood customers seeking abortions or other “services” must go to PP centers in Camden, Bellmawr, and Edgewater Park.

Parenthood of Southern New Jersey president Lynn Brown told the newspaper, “We are in think mode and creative mode and we are doing all that we can to try and salvage to see as many people as we need to see.”

“We all know it’s strictly ideological,” Brown said of the funding cuts to the abortion business. “This is a very frustrating and perplexing time for us.”

While the Cherry Hill center does not do abortions, it gives abortion referrals to Planned Parenthood offices in Hamilton Square, Princeton, and Trenton where abortions are done on women and unborn children.

Marie Tasy, the head of New Jersey Right to Life, told LifeNews.com she applauded the state Senate for not overriding Christie’s veto of the Planned Parenthood funding bill.

“We applaud the Senators who voted No to override Governor Christie’s veto of S2139,” she said. “This debate was never about health care, it is about advancing a political agenda and rewarding ‘friends’ and a radical special interest group with our tax dollars.”

“We commend Governor Christie for his steadfast opposition to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse and for working to promote the best health care for all NJ citizens,” Tasy added.

Christie won the praise of pro-life advocates in July by vetoing a bill that would restore the family planning funds his administration cut from the state budget because of deep economic troubles.

Go here to read the rest at Lifesite News.  So many politicians are simply empty suits and phonies.  Not Chris Christie.  To use a trite but accurate phrase to describe him:  He says what he means and he means what he says.  We are going to need plenty more like him if we going to restore fiscal and moral sanity in this country.

6 Responses to Worse Than Murder Inc. Meets its Match In Governor Chris Christie

  1. Afghani"Stan" says:

    Chris Christie is the kind of guy we need as President, but he has got that certain something called leadership, guts, courage.

  2. Tom Callahan says:

    It is great he cut their funding and our rosary group has been praying for the closure of this clinic. We were elated. But today I heard that they are only closing the part of the clinic that does routine tests like pap smears etc. The abortions will continue – If my information is correct.

  3. Elaine Krewer says:

    “today I heard they are only closing the part of the clinic that does routine tests like pap smears, etc.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case. In all probability, that is a move on the part of Planned Parenthood to try to gin up public sympathy, and make Christie look as mean and heartless as possible — “he isn’t stopping abortions, just punishing poor women who can’t get pap tests,” etc.

    Kind of like whenever school districts lose tax referendums, the first things they threaten to cut are always sports, music, and other highly visible programs that everyone likes — never something less visible like, for instance, the superintendent’s salary.

  4. NJRighty says:

    The sad fact is that Christie is on record, most recently during a 2009 National Public Radio (NPR) interview during the NJ Republican primary campaign, as supporting Roe v. Wade and pledging to enforce it. Would a “prolife” politician ever say such a thing? NJ taxpayers pay for Medicaid abortions and Christie has done nothing to stop that. He also recently appointed a well known supporter of “gay marriage” to the NJ State Human Rights Commission. Prolife Catholics should refrain from drinking the Christie Kool Aid.

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    You mistate Christie’s position on abortion. During a debate with the completely pro-abort Governor of New Jersey Corzine in 2009 he said the following:

    “I am pro-life but I believe in exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother.”

    Here is the article:


    Christie is not perfect on the abortion issue from a pro-life perspective, but he has thus far delivered far more for the pro-life cause than many politicians who agree with the cause completely and then do almost nothing on the issue once they are in office. I assume your post is a reflection of the lingering animosity in some conservative circles in New Jersey from Christie’s defeating Steven Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota, New Jersey in the gubernatorial primary last year.


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