DirecTV Ad Brings to Mind Sex Trafficking Mafia

One of the perks of having a newborn at home is that I can sometimes multitask rocking the little man and watching big boys play football on tv.  On the downside- even with a DVR set up- I have to see some of the mass media advertisements.

The part of it that really stinks is how sports programming has totally sold out the young. The NCAA should ban alcohol and sexually-suggestive ads on all collegiate sporting event coverage. Sports is about play, play is about kids, but we live in a society that has most things completely backwards when it comes to moral values promotion. Sports- even collegiate sports is about MONEY- and even though many guys complain about the salaries of professional athletes or college coaches- they still fork out big money to go see the games- and apparently they buy the cheap beer and “Go Daddy” soft porn.  So- sports is NOT about the kids because their dads and moms have made it so- the last pro football game I attended was back in the 1970’s. If I had to watch games without a DVR, I don’t think I’d watch much other than Ohio State football games. I am not a purist/protester, I have some inconsistencies to be sure.  But I am not going to be happy when my boys are older and we are watching a game and a bunch of sex/alcohol message ads begin their unholy parade in my living room- am I going to have more teachable moments than ‘enjoy the game’ moments to share with my kids, just because we want to watch some game on TV?

Now this DirecTV ad really creeps me out, and pisses me off- it is everywhere. This Russian or Eastern European-type with extreme wealth looks to be playing the part of some kind of successful mob boss- he passes by and sits beside young women who seem to be his at the asking.  This could be part of a film depicting disgusting sex trafficking and sex slavery practices, but in DirecTV land it is just funny, funny stuff.  His line “I jump in it” delivered as the close-up punch-line seems like a girl’s nightmare- but apparently there must be a lot of American men who find this quite amusing. The global underage sex trade and porn business makes big money from our American dads. Is it blame America first or blame wealthy Euro liberal men first- I’m not sure who the biggest player is in that particular market from hell?

As a father and serious Catholic these days- I just don’t find that I relate to a whole lot out there in popular town- I don’t get liberal or conservative, I’m not down with tea parties or President Obama Move-On.ORG house parties, and while I still like to watch some football- the culture that surrounds the game has made it difficult to really enjoy what should be an innocent past time.

6 Responses to DirecTV Ad Brings to Mind Sex Trafficking Mafia

  1. David says:

    I agree with the adds being a problem with sports. Aside from sex and beer, it seems that every game is also sponsored (especially on ESPN) by some horror movie that presents a bunch of really disturbing images for children. I have to sit there to turn the channel during commercials.

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  3. c matt says:

    You should switch to watching the real futbol – 45 minute halves with no advertisements. You can flip to something else during halftime, and avoid the ads.

    I have a hard time sitting through American football or basketball games on the tube simply because it seems they cut to ads every three minutes, time out for this, time out for that….

  4. David says:

    I really don’t like that add either, but the ‘girls’ are not underaged, just oversexualized. I really try and go to the fridge during commercials, or switch to another game while that one is in commercial. But it’s not just on during sports events…Disgusting, nonetheless.

  5. Robert says:

    This annoyed the hell out of me…

  6. LV says:

    Judging from the comments, the thing most people found amusing about that ad was the giraffe at the end…which makes about as much sense as the rest of it.

    Seriously–we’re supposed to identify with a self-centered, infantile, obscenely wealthy spendthrift? In THIS economy?

    And then believe that this mammoth spender cares about saving money (the point of the ad was to hawk lower prices for DTV)?

    Even leaving out the blatant oversexualization–which is almost par for the course by now–this is the worst ad I’ve seen in quite some time.

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