TAC NFL Rankings Week 3

Well, this has been boring, right? Steelers, Bears, and Chiefs are undefeated, just like we expected. Yawn.

Rankings…BEFORE the jump! (gotta keep you on your toes). Comments by me (MD), MJ (MJ), and Paul (PZ).

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (4) – The most complete team in the NFL–without Big Ben (MJ)
  2. Indianapolis Colts – As is the case with Green Bay and New Orleans, one gets the sense that Indy hasn’t really kicked into high gear yet, which is just truly terrifying to ponder. (PZ)
  3. New Orleans Saints (TIE w/ Indy) – Losing a game coming off a Monday nighter on the West Coast isn’t the end of the world, but when you’re a field goal miss away from a win against the main division rival, it hurts. (MD)
  4. Green Bay Packers – Outplayed the Bears for 57 minutes (MJ)
  5. Chicago Bears – Has there ever been a softer 3-0 team?  Maybe the 2006 Bears.  They have a soft schedule coming up, so they may be able to coast by for a while, but something tells me we will be soon shown that they are indeed who we thought they were.(PZ)
  6. New York Jets – So is the secret recipe just letting Mark Sanchez throw the ball? (MJ)
  7. Atlanta Falcons – They got the win, but barely against a Saints team not at 100% (Porter, Bush out + short week). They won’t get that lucky again.
  8. Baltimore Ravens – Not sure about this team; we’ll find out this week when they play the Steelers (MD)
  9. Kansas City Chiefs – This isn’t going to last, but I can’t really keep an undefeated team out of the top ten.  Jamaal Charles is just absolutely explosive, and they need to stop giving Thomas Jones the majority of the carries.(PZ)
  10. New England Patriots – Not the best two weeks of Pats football. (MD)

Others receiving votes: Eagles & Texans

Dropping out: Texans, Dolphins, and Chargers

3 Responses to TAC NFL Rankings Week 3

  1. Nicholas Jagneaux says:

    Obviously, last year was a special year for the Saints, and no one (very few, anyway) thought this year’d be an exact repeat. However, I think the Super Bowl hangover has hit New Orleans pretty hard.

    Brees is still very good, but not great. His pinpoint precision is not there. The receivers have dropped passes they were catching last year. There’s no Mike Bell to alternate with Pierre Thomas.

    Defensively, Fujita’s presence is missing. And, if you want big fantasy team points, just take whatever tight end is playing against New Orleans. Rosario will be good for 8 catches, 60 yards, and a TD this weekend.

  2. Donna V says:

    I was not expecting the loathsome Bears to continue to be undefeated. 😦

    This Packer fan wept bitter tears (and ground her teeth this morning when confronted with a gloating Chi-town native – grrrrrr!)

  3. daledog says:

    Donna V,
    Bears fan here. The Pack played a terrible game and we barely beat you. Chin up babe.


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