TAC Pro Football Rankings: Week 4

Is anyone any good? Jeesh, I know Texas is a horrible place to visit, but surely the Superbowl is worth the incursion? After all, Louisiana is right next door.

Last year was year of the Titans, with the Colts, Vikings, and Saints clearly in another league. This year, everyone has significant problems. The Colts have dropped 2 games. Favre wants to go back to Miss. The Saints have a plethora of injuries and the offense hasn’t looked great.

Each team seems to have an inexplicable loss on their record. The Jets opener against the Ravens, the Pack’s loss to the Bears, etc. After Week 4, you have a pretty good sense usually of where everybody stands. Everyone has significant improvements that need to be made; the question is who can make them in time to get into the playoffs, as it seems that unlike last year, once you’re in the playoffs it’s anybody’s game.

To the rankings!

Just like the college rankings, MJ did not join us, as he was too busy posting pictures of his cute newborn baby boy on facebook. As he is a Steelers fan, the Steelers had a ten point deduction from their score as punishment. Not really.

As you  might image, the chaos on the field has led to chaos in the rankings, as we couldn’t agree on much. I know I couldn’t defend my picks very well at this point, as I could understand ranking the Jets anywhere from 1st to 5th.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1)-Tough loss against the Ravens, but a 3-1 without Big Ben leaves the Steelers in great shape as he returns. (PZ)
  2. NY Jets(1)-They are looking better every week.  Who would have ever thought that Mark Sanchez would go four full games without an interception?  With Revis island set to return and the addition of Santonio Holmes to the lineup, the Jets may very well be on their way to living up to the hype.(PZ)
  3. Baltimore Ravens(1)-Even without Ben, beating the Steelers at Pittsburgh is a very important win. Add to this the last minute offensive touchdown, and the ravens are looking good. (MD).
  4. New Orleans Saints-The injuries are mounting and the offense isn’t as sharp. During such times, the important thing is to win, and if Hartley could kick a field goal the Saints would be 4-0. (MD)
  5. Green Bay Packers-Their defense has looked shaky and the offense still isn’t clicking.  Could be cause for concern or it could be a sign that they’ll be unstoppable once everything meshes.(PZ)
  6. New England Patriots-I’ve never been less impressed with a blowout. Lost in the amazing special teams play was the fact that the Pats offense couldn’t move the ball and their defense was being shredded before Henne threw his patented interceptions. They’re a long way from back. (MD)
  7. Atlanta Falcons (TIE w/ Pats)-All you had to do was to fall on the interceptions, Niners. Ugh. (MD)
  8. Kansas City Chiefs-Well we certainly can’t keep the league’s only unbeaten out of the top ten, can we?(PZ)
  9. Houston Texans-The complete lack of a secondary could very well bite this team before all is said and done.(PZ)
  10. Indianapolis Colts-Manning has been nothing short of spectacular, but they can’t stop anyone.  Outside of the Giants game this has looked like a very ordinary football team.(PZ)
  11. Chicago Bears (TIE w/ Indy)-Offensive line play is NOT overrated. (MD)

Also receiving votes: Tennessee Titans.

6 Responses to TAC Pro Football Rankings: Week 4

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    I don’t believe the pro-football rankings are as popular as the College football rankings.

  2. John Henry says:

    Rankings don’t determine the championship in professional football. The pro league relies on a ridiculous, arbitrary system called “playing football” to determine the national champion.

  3. Paul Zummo says:

    The pro league relies on a ridiculous, arbitrary system called “playing football” to determine the national champion.

    Truly preposterous system.

  4. Well, Tito, I think it has to do with this season. hard for anyone to be really passionate about their team right now; everyone looks yucky.

  5. Jay Anderson says:

    The pro game sucks by comparison. Keep your damned playoff.

  6. Jay Anderson says:

    “… I think it has to do with this season …”

    Of course it has to do with the season. The season is way too long. (And they’re actually going to make it longer by expanding to 18 games. 18 games!?!) They’re already playing the Super Bowl in frickin’ February.

    Half the teams in the playoffs are playing at or just above .500. Compelling stuff, that.

    There’s no tradition. There’s no pomp. There’s no pageantry. The cheerleaders leave absolutely nothing to the imagination (unlike their college counterparts, who seem far more attractive despite showing far less skin).

    I grew up living for Sunday afternoon. Now I could give a rat’s.

    All my football watching is done on Thursday night and Saturday, where the REAL drama lives. And, yes, they do “play football” to determine the National Champion in college football. They play it EVERY week of the season, where EVERY game counts.

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