Environmental Culture of Death

In the spirit of the infamous 10-10 video which Tito posted on here.  This ad is at Treehugger as part of its display of “coolest environmental advertising”. 

ACT-Responsible organizes the work of advertisers promoting sustainable causes into three categories: Taking care of (1) the planet, (2) yourself, and (3) others. But their own work, provocatively depicting the tragic consequences of our choices on future generations, deserves to lead this slideshow on the coolest environmental advertising. The poster promoted ACT Reponsible’s exhibition last week at Cannes 2009. According to Creative Director Fred Claviere, it was a hard choice to use an image this provocative. But in his own words: “We have to make people react…it was simply too urgent to not use it.”
Hint to environuts:  stick with pictures of cute animals and lay off pictures and videos depicting the death of children, otherwise some people may draw the conclusion that a fair number of you believe the planet would be better off without any humans.



5 Responses to Environmental Culture of Death

  1. Foxfier says:

    Which would not be helpful. (Which, I swear, seems to be the primary objection to the blowing-kids-up video. -.- /sad)

  2. But then we get videos of cute animals killing themselves because of global warming:

    Rather bloody movement, what?

  3. Robert King says:

    Unlike the 10:10 ad, though, the above poster implies that the girl is worth saving; the motive to “stop global warming” is to keep her from hanging.

    Nothing reprehensible about that.

  4. Foxfier says:

    You mean, besides using the spectacle of children’s deaths to promote a view when they aren’t having success with reason?

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