TAC Pro Rankings Week 5(Updated)

It’s Friday, so it’s our normally scheduled time for pro football rankings! Ok, this is a few days late, but I had a monstrous week.

That’s something almost all NFL teams have dealt with. Everyone know has a loss, and most of those losses weren’t pretty. A few teams are really plagued with injuries (Packers & Saints), a few teams look really overrated (Vikes & Cowgirls), and a few teams puzzle (Pats & Colts). Where this end up is anyone’s guess, as this is a year for parity. 


4 rankers this week: Me, MJ, Tito and PZ.

  1. Steelers (2)-The defense has looked great. Getting Ben back is nice, but it’s Polamalu who’s the real star of this team. (MD)
  2. Ravens (2)Their offense looked better this week.  If Ray Rice gets going, then look out. (PZ)
  3. Jets-They let the Vikings hang in the game until Favre threw his inevitable pick six (which I called after his second td pass), but they still pulled it out.  I think LT is ample proof of what a difference a good offensive line makes in football(PZ)
  4. Falcons-I’m still a little leery of them right now as they really haven’t dominated anyone but the Cardinals in week two and could very easily be 1-4 or 2-3.  But their offense is starting to click and their defense has generally been solid. Could be dangerous in the weeks ahead.(PZ)
  5. Patriots Didn’t play this week, so they didn’t lose, and therefore move up.  They essentially swapped Moss for Branch, and that doesn’t seem like an upgrade to me.  Time will tell.(PZ)
  6. Colts-Their offense looked ugly at home against the Chiefs. The offensive line is struggling, and it’s showing. (MD)
  7. Saints-The injuries are really hurting both sides of the ball, but until Drew Brees returns to his usual form this team will struggle. (MD)
  8. Bears – Their linemen are terrifying, but for different reasons on Offense and defense (MD)
  9. Chiefs– D Line looked good, but a baffling decision to de-emphasize the run lead to the bubbly being poured in the houses of the 72 Dolphins. (MD)
  10. Giants (TIE w/ CHIEFS) -Their front seven has absolutely been dominant over two straight games.  With Hakeem Nix emerging as an elite receiver, the Giants could be the most dominant team in the NFC.(PZ)

Others receiving votes:  Redskins, Titans, Cardinals and Packers

4 Responses to TAC Pro Rankings Week 5(Updated)

  1. Paul Zummo says:

    I think it’s significant that after the top four we all varied so wildly in our rankings. Tells you all you need to know about how much flux there’s been this season.

  2. kyle kanos says:

    As a fan of the AFC division, I’m happy to see that 6 of the 10 are AFC teams (including 4 in the top 5). We’ll see how Sunday/Monday changes the rankings, but I think Steelers will be back at #1 after the Ravens lose to Brady & the Patriots.

  3. I think it’s significant that after the top four we all varied so wildly in our rankings. Tells you all you need to know about how much flux there’s been this season.

    Yeah, I put the Saints at 5 but have no justification really for it other than down the road I think they won’t be as bad as everyone else. This poll is very fluid after the top 4. I imagine the Bucs, who didn’t get a vote this week, may end up becoming #5 if they win this week. WHICH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY BETTER NOT 😉

  4. Paul Zummo says:

    Sorry to go ot, but I had no idea we could “like” posts, nor that if you scrolled over a commenter’s photo you can see either their website or biographical info.

    Anyway, yeah, I might take the Bucs seriously if they win. And I’ll really have to tune out all sports radio if – shudder – the Redskins beat the Colts on Sunday night.

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