Debate: Has Halloween Become Too Commercial?

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  My last trick or treating experience as a child was in 1969 and I have reared my children in the McClarey Halloween tradition of ample candy, cheap costumes and Dad falling asleep on the couch after over indulging in candy.  May my offspring keep these hallowed traditions alive for the next generation!


2 Responses to Debate: Has Halloween Become Too Commercial?

  1. Elaine Krewer says:

    Speaking of Halloween becoming too “commercial,” there is a movement out there to move Halloween to the last Saturday in October EVERY year. The “movement” (such as it is) is backed, of course, by merchants, restaurant/tavern owners, and others who would benefit monetarily from Halloween always falling on a weekend. I posted about it last year:

  2. Elaine Krewer says:

    And speaking of Unofficial Halloween, if the level of drunken noise emanating from downtown Springfield bars around 2 a.m. last night/this morning is any indication (we live downtown) the concept is already quite popular with those past trick or treating age.

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