The November 2 Election and Joe Biden

Assuming the polls are correct, obviously a big assumption, the Democrats are in for a very long election night tomorrow.  In the face of devastating election losses, the Dems can rely upon Veep and beloved national clown Joe Biden!  First, we should understand why the Democrats are looking at the electoral equivalent of a wheat farm in Death Valley.  My favorite living historian Victor Davis Hanson explains what went wrong:

Barack Obama entered office; nationalized health care; ran up record $1 trillion deficits; promised to hike taxes on the rich; pushed cap and trade through the House; took over large chunks of banks, insurance companies, and auto corporations; made hard-left appointments from Van Jones to Sonia Sotomayor — and in 21 months saw his positives crash from near 70% in January 2009 to little above 40%, with the specter of near record Democratic losses in the Congress just two years after the anti-Bush/anti-Iraq sweep of 2008.

All the polls of independents and moderates show radical shifts and express unhappiness with higher taxes, larger deficits, a poor economy, and too much government. In other words, the electorate is not angry that Obama has moved too far to the right or stayed in the center or borrowed too little money. A Barney Frank or Dennis Kucinich is looking at an unusually tight race in a very liberal district not because liberals have had it with them, but because large numbers of moderates and independents most surely have.

Yet if one were to read mainstream Democratic analysis, there is almost no acknowledgment that the party has become far too liberal. Indeed, they fault Obama for not being liberal enough, or, in the case of the Paul Krugman school, for not borrowing another trillion dollars for even more stimulus, despite the failure of the earlier borrowing. In fact, Obamaites offer three unhinged exegeses for the looming defeat: a) there is no looming defeat: the Democrats will still keep the House; or b) Obama did not prove to be the radical as promised; or c) the American people are clueless and can’t follow science and logic and therefore do not know what is good for them.

Do liberals really believe that had they rammed down cap and trade, borrowed $6 trillion instead of $3 trillion the last 21 months, and obtained blanket amnesty their candidates would be posed to ward off Republican attacks this election year? The problem right now with Greece is that it borrows too little, hires too few, and spends not enough?

Go here to read the brilliant rest. 

Now it is time to let Joe speak for the Democrats.  The nation is indebted to Saturday Night Live for giving the Veep a few moments to raise our spirits as to the upcoming election.  It may be viewed here.  Content advisory, some of the language is a bit rough.  Unfortunately, although Biden is a comedic genius, he sometimes works blue.

Shame on me!  That of course is merely an actor and not the real Joe.  Here is the real Joe:

Ah Joe, no fictional portrayal can ever do justice to your ever ready wit!

2 Responses to The November 2 Election and Joe Biden

  1. Blackadder says:

    No doubt a team of liberal operatives are already working to discover if that ice cream store guy has ever had a DUI or a tax-lien or a one-night stand.

  2. T. Shaw says:


    “In fact, Obamaites offer three”, no four!, “unhinged exegeses for the looming defeat: […]”

    d) the American people are too dull (they need elite liberals/philosopher tyrants to rule their every move) to appreciate the ‘beauty’ of government’s duty to provide for them in their newly-minted states of dependency and desperation (SIGH: If only we had achieved a 25% unemployment rate!).

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