You May Be Dead!

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  Actually this isn’t too much wilder than various other scams my elderly clients have brought to my attention over the years.  One scammer wanted one of my clients to defray the costs for an expedition to reopen the lost King Solomon diamond mines in Kukuanaland, in exchange for 25% of the profit from the mines for ten years.  I explained to my client that I was impressed that the scammer had read H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines, or at least seen one of the film adaptations, but I was unimpressed that he had mispelled Africa.

5 Responses to You May Be Dead!

  1. Largebill says:

    As a disclaimer, I understand we should pray that all repent and make it to Heaven. Having said that, there should be a special extra miserable place in Hell for those who prey on senior citizens and others not able to defend themselves.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Amen Largebill!

  3. ddent says:

    Really appreciate your recommendation for the onion and then when I go there, up front and right in the face, unavoidable when site clicks into view, is a topless bimbo. Some news service, some recommendation, really impressed by your catholic counter-cultural warfare. Don’t expect me back and will notify my friends what you traffic in.

  4. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Gee ddent, you must be confusing me with someone that has any control over what the Onion posts on its website. I post material from all over the net to make the points, humorous and otherwise, that I wish to make on this site. I do not thereby endorse any website that I took the material from. If that explanation isn’t satisfactory, we shall struggle on somehow without your readership.

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