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If you have stumbled by our humble blog by accident, know that we are still around at the-american-catholic.com.

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2 Responses to We Are At the-american-catholic.com

  1. Fr Courtney Edward Krier says:

    In your posts and comments you have St. Joseph’s Catholic Church listed as “old catholic”. This is slander and should be corrected. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is a traditional Roman Catholic Church which holds to the Roman Catholic faith, especially the the liturgy decreed by the Council of Trent and approved under Pope Pius V. If your site continues to promote the falsehood, legal proceedings will be initiated. Rome has never classified those priests holding on to the Tridentine Mass as “old catholics”.

  2. Bryan Sciver says:

    Enjoyed your interests in trying to improve the world.

    If you are like me you are probably thinking that this whole gay thing is getting some peoples undies all tied up in a knot!

    I am not gay or bi or a transgender. Straight as an arrow and proud of it. Plenty of fun in the sun and young women abounding. I think the gay people are just looking for something. Understanding. Maybe. We have all had drilled into us the concepts of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Don’t you think that most Christians think that this Gay Marriage thingy is just too friendly. A little too neighborly. To wild and uncertain. Lock up the children you say the Gays are Coming the Gays are Coming! Heat stroke get to you or something? The Bible doesn’t have it in their Gospels. It doesn’t show in print that Gay Folk even exist. It does condemn about every fun thing you could imagine but sports the most graphic sadist and brutal violence in literature. Yes it is just lit not fact.

    Princeton Theological Seminary clarifies everything nicely. You can go there and get educated. They say that there is no historical facts in the New and Old Testament. These are myths. You can’t base government or society on Star Wars XXXIV and its myths either.

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