Justin Aquila

Justin Aquila is currently studying for his M.A. in Theology at the University of St. Thomas’ School of Theology in Houston, Texas. He also holds a B.A. in Theology from the University of Saint Francis in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Prior to returning to graduate studies in August 2009, Justin served as the Legislative Director of the Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life organization in Washington, DC. Justin also completed internships for Texas Right to Life, Our Sunday Visitor, and the National Defense Industrial Association. His interests are in the intersection of religion and politics, American Catholic History, Church History, Franciscan theology, movies, great literature, especially the novels of Walker Percy, and following his beloved New York Yankees. Justin will be getting married to his fiancé, Monica, in June 2010. Monica and Justin met at the March for Life in Washington, DC, which happens to fall on Justin’s birthday.


Blackadder is a faithful Catholic and an attorney.

Chris Blosser

Christopher Blosser, a convert to the Catholic faith, was received into the Church in 1997. Born in Japan to missionary kids, he spent his early years in Pennsylvania and the better part of his childhood in Hickory, NC. He currently resides with his wife and son in New York City. His only claim to fame is having founded a little website in 2000, cheekily called the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club— little realizing that his favorite theologian would ultimately be elected to the See of Peter. He blogs regularly at Against The Grain and Catholics in the Public Square. A recovering radical, he is figuring out what it means to be Catholic and American. He can be contacted at blostopher “at”

Eric J. Brown

Eric is a convert to Catholicism, previously having been an avowed atheist. He is a chaste-for-life homosexual, struggling to carry the cross given to him, any and all prayers are very appreciated. Eric has a B.A. in Theology from the University of St. Thomas. He currently works at Texas Right to Life and is a committed pro-life Democrat. Eric can be reached at inquistivecatholic “at”

Dr. Chris Burgwald

Chris is a lifelong Catholic from central Minnesota who went off to college and promptly fell away from his faith before having a “reversion” that led him to pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in theology (from Franciscan University and the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, respectively). His primary theological interests are the theology of grace & the nature-grace dynamic and the implications of these doctrines in the interaction of faith, culture and politics.

Apart from teaching at the college level, Chris has been working for the Bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 2002 in evangelization & adult catechesis. Chris has been blogging at Veritassince Easter of 2002, but the vast majority of his posts occurred b.c. (before children). Speaking of which — most importantly — Chris is a husband and a father of four (#4 is due 2/20/09… prayers are welcome!). Chris can be contacted at chris.burgwald “at”

Michael R. Denton

Michael is a Catholic from Louisiana.  He has a Bachelor’s in Political Science with a concentration in Political Theory as well as a minor in Philosophy from LSU and is currently attending law school. He is primarily interested in the relationship between politics, law, philosophy, and theology, especially in the American context. He has an unhealthy obsession with sports, especially with the LSU Tigers and the Superbowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints, that his wife thankfully puts up with. If for some reason you want to be exposed to more of his thoughts, Michael also blogs at For the Greater Glory and tweets here, though he’s somewhat ashamed of the last one.


MJ Andrew is a married Catholic and the father of one child. He has blogged at Evangelical Catholicism and was one of the founders of Vox Nova, blogging under the name “Policraticus” in honor of the first medieval Catholic treatise devoted strictly to political theory. He has contributed to Catholic Exchange and the Houston Catholic Worker, and his work has been featured on EWTN. He earned a BA in philosophy and theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville before picking up a few graduate degrees in those same fields.

Joe Hargrave

Joe holds an M.A. in Political theory and has written for Inside Catholic (you can peruse his writing here). Born and raised a Catholic, lost for some time to atheism and communism, and back again, he is interested in cooperative economics, distributism, Catholic social teaching, life issues, and the traditional liturgy.  Also see his personal blog, Non Nobis.

Dave Hartline

Dave Hartline has worked as a Catholic school teacher, coach, principal and diocesan administrator.  After starting the Catholic Report website, he wrote “The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism,” which told the story of the rise of Catholic orthodoxy around the world. The book finished in Catholic Word’s Top 10 for 2007 (a consortium of Catholic publishers including the top selling Ascension Press.) Dave has appeared on EWTN and spoke in various settings around the country. A growing family convinced Dave to stop his daily website/blog and focus on the family. However, this hasn’t completely stopped him from working on his second book and contributing to great sites like American Catholic.  He holds a BA & MA from Ohio University. E mail:   dhartlin at columbus [dot] rr [dot] com

John Henry

John is a cradle Catholic, husband, and father of three, originally from the great Commonwealth of Virginia.

John can be contacted at john[dot]henry[dot]ac[at]

Brendan Hodge

Brendan is a cradle Catholic, husband and father of four. He is a Californian by birth but a Texan by choice. He studied Classics at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and now works in marketing analytics at a Fortune 100 company.

Since 2005 Brendan has blogged at DarwinCatholic on demographics, religion, science, philosophy, politics and Catholicism. He is also the author/editor of the Humanities Program. He can be contacted at darwincatholic “at”

David L. Jones

David holds a Masters in Theological Studies from the Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies, University of Dallas (UD). While at UD he studied under Douglas Bushman, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Ed Peters, and many other outstanding Catholic scholars. This program moved en masse to Ave Maria University to become the Institute for Pastoral Theology.

He is a member of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, a Pontifically recognized and approved eccelsial movement. He has spoken internationally in Italy at the Rimini Meeting and at the Assembly of International Responsibles in La Thuile in addition to speaking throughout much of the United States.

His writings have been published in TRACES, God-Spy, Traditional Catholic Reflections and Reports, Catholic Online, Il Sussidiario and The American Catholic. He also runs a popular blog entitled La Nouvelle Theologie. His conversion story is published in the Italian book entitled Sotto Il Cielo D’America (Under the American Sky) written by Marco Bardazzi. The introduction of this book has been translated into English and is available on-line.

Donald R. McClarey

McClarey is a small town lawyer in Central Illinois. He received both his BA and JD from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He is happily married with three kids. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973, he is currently President of the board of directors of the crisis pregnancy center in his county. Catholic from birth he has served as a lector and a catechism teacher at his parish. He is easily amused, as demonstrated by the fact that he does blogging for the fun of it.

Grace Potts

Grace is a practicing Catholic that enjoys posting about progressive and peace issues.


Dr. David Curp

David and his wife Sherry are both Catholic converts and the parents of 3 daughters. He is a student of 20th century Polish history and received his PhD from the University of Washington. He currently teaches contemporary European history at Ohio University in Athens, OH as a recently tenured Associate Professor. He is the author of one book (A Clean Sweep? The Politics of Ethnic Cleansing in Midwestern Poland, 1945-1960 published by the University of Rochester Press in 2007) and is currently working on another concerning Catholic higher education and lay religious life in Communist Poland. He was a neo-con before it was either fashionable or a swear word and is interested in Catholic religious life as well as international and domestic U.S., Polish and Russian politics. He blogs regularly at

Tito Edwards

Baptized in Mexico, raised in Hawaii, and an unapologetic American. He studied Business at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University and now works as a programmer for a small consulting firm.

After a short detour from his faith in undergraduate school, he slowly returned back to his faith after college. When on the eve of the funeral of the late Pope John Paul II, he experienced what can be best described as a great infusion of faith that has only grown exponentially since then. Tito is now very active in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, most prominently in the Pro-Life and Young Adult Apostolates.

Tito can be reached at tito[dot]benedictus[at]gmail[dot]com.

Ryan Harkins

Is a college student in love with Jesus. Born and bred in Wyoming, he was raised a Catholic but fell away for a time during his undergraduate years. Upon his marriage to a wonderful, beautiful chemical engineer, he started a quick reversion back to the faith with surprised enthusiasm. As an undergraduate, he majored in mathematics, with minors in computer science, physics, and creative writing. As a graduate student, he is working on a doctorate in theoretical computer scientist, while also polishing up writing skills to (hopefully) become a published author. His aspirations upon completing his degree are as yet unknown, but look to include work in apologetics.

Elaine Krewer

Has written for a diocesan newspaper in the past.  She is an ardent and devout Catholic

Pete Park

A husband, father, and faithful Catholic.

Joe Potillor

Joe Potillor, Jr. has been teaching Confirmation for roughly 3 years. He attends Cal State Fullerton and is working on degrees in Math, Physics and Philosophy. He has been attending St. Thérèse Parish full time since November of 07. Previously he attended St. Lorenzo Ruiz “Catholic Community.” Due to problems philosophically and doctrinally, he was forced out from teaching Confirmation at that parish. he is both a cradle and traditionally minded Catholic, thus the perspectives that you’re getting from me relate in this manner. He regularly attend the 1pm Traditional Latin Mass either in the congregation or as an altar boy. During his (not much) free time read much on the Church’s Liturgy, He also likes reading math and science works. He is currently working on reading How Christ offered the First Mass by Tan publishers. He is also a Church history nerd and am an open book on pretty much any topic at hand. His blog is found at Verbum Veritatis.

Tim Shipe

Is a teacher of religion in Melbourne, Florida. He ran for Florida State House in 2006, and is now VP for Florida Dems for Life, and is an Advisor/Contibutor for Pax Romana, an international Catholic organization that promotes the social doctrine of the Church. My wife and I have three young children, with one in heaven, and one in the womb- we are covering all the pro-life bases at present.


Walter is a devout convert to the Catholic Church who loves beautiful liturgy, gorgeous old East Coast churches built by the calloused hands of America‘s Catholic immigrants, and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. He’s a former Democrat who has worked on several Democratic campaigns and has served as a Congressional staffer before leaving the political party which is increasingly becoming the “Party of Death”. Today his aligns himself solely with the teachings of the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and its Magisterium and considers himself a “crunchy conservative“. Walter still loves politics and everyday tries to do something to help bring the Truth of Christ into our political landscape. He resides in the city that never sleeps with his amazing and wonderful wife, their handsome new son and zany dog. He also blogs (sadly, not often enough) at Gloria Tibi, Domine.


Zach is a Catholic Christian from New Hampshire who enjoys a good conversation.

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