The Naked Darwinist

Saturday, May 1, 2010 \AM\.\Sat\.

I’ve written about this issue before. Now I’m going to, as I hear the politicians say on C-SPAN, revise and extend my remarks.

What inspired me to write this time around was a discussion on facebook about a new page dedicated to finding 1 million people who don’t believe in evolution. Of course, the discussion was taking place among people who obviously accept the theory of evolution. I’m not sure what the politics of each involved are, but I can say the following: they are mostly young, they are mostly in college. That means their politics probably lean left, if they don’t topple over to the left. Some might even lean right, and secular conservatives are not unheard of.

They may disagree on fiscal issues and even in some cases, “social” issues – but there is almost a unanimous consensus among educated people that not only is the theory of evolution true; anyone who doesn’t accept it as true without hesitation or reservation is a backwards fool, someone who should keep out of science, keep out of politics, and in one case I saw in this particular discussion, should not be allowed to breed.

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