“Feed your Flock” Superbowl Ad

The Pepsi Company is hosting an advertisement contest. The winner of the advertisement contest will air during the Superbowl. Apparently a commercial in the running is titled “Feed Your Flock,” and it exploits and mocks the practice of receiving Holy Communion. The video can be seen HERE on Facebook, or HERE on the Pepsi website. The video is borderline (if not completely) blasphemous and Catholic Christians everywhere should write to Pepsi to prevent this ad from getting on to the air. The video should not air because it exploits Christ, mocks His Church and His community in the Church, and it will perpetuate harmful misunderstandings of Christian belief. Please watch the video and let me know what you think.

Please consider signing a petition to have this ad removed from the commercials during the Superbowl.

348 Responses to “Feed your Flock” Superbowl Ad

  1. John says:

    Please don’t air that video..

    It is offfensive to ..Christians,and our Saviour Jesus Christ! Thank you for not airing it. John

  2. MARY says:

    Well I was offended at first viewing but upon viewing it a second time relieved to see it was not Catholics who were being mocked this time. wedding ring on minister,shape of church,no body and blood at communion ect… still shame on me.Christians are easy targets period.

  3. Christine says:

    It doesn’t matter if the ad blasphemes Christianity in general or Catholicism in particular, blasphemy is blasphemy! When they’ve sunk this low, we need to fight back, hitting the only god they recognize–money. It’s time to boycott Pepsi!

  4. Marie says:

    When your communion is saltine crackers and grape juice, you may find this funny. We who receive the body and blood of our Lord see it as blasphemy.

  5. Barbaranne says:

    To all those foolish people trying to destroy the Church, remember what was said by Jesus Christ:

  6. Tom says:

    Its definitely in poor taste… but it doesn’t seem blasphemous. Its not a Catholic church. One of the priests is a woman. And, thank God, the “priest” isn’t saying anything like “the body of Christ” when distributing the Dorito.

  7. Catherine says:

    I am truly disappointed that you would have to lower your standards by critisizing the many Christians who probably drink pepsi products. I for one drink diet pepsi, but if you air this add which brings disrespect to our Lord and Savior and to all Christians I will never buy your product again. I will also pass this around to my Christian Friends as well. Please do not air this add.

  8. Janet Kozlowski says:

    This is the only commercial they could come with?! Horrible and just after one of the holiest times of the year when we welcome Our Savior. I am officially Never using Pepsi OR Doritos again.

  9. margretHamilton says:

    How pitiful and foolish can this world get?

    Psalms 37:12-13
    The wicked plots against the righteous
    And gnashes at him with his teeth.
    The Lord laughs at him,
    For He sees his day is coming.

  10. marjer says:

    And, we wonder why our country is in decline. May God have mercy on the companies that permit this and the ad people who come up with this garbage. No more pepsi products for this family.

  11. Theresa Kellar says:

    How dare Pepsi??? They will be bankrupt within a year if they do this horrible thing.

  12. John says:

    Sad news that junk food that tantalizes glutony be prefered over the Body and Blood of the Lord’s sacrifice that brings salvation. Where did the respect and fear of the Lord that make the USA great go? What arrogance, blindness, insensativity, and ingratitude to those who responded to God grace laying the foundations of Western Civilization.

  13. Francis Woerner says:

    I am appalled that the Pepsi company would even consider using this blasphemous ad. I for one will boycott all of your products in the future.

  14. Patty says:

    It is despicable to mock our church and our Lord in a commercial or anywhere just to receive 30 pieces of silver. Woe to pepsi.

  15. Mary Kathryn says:

    Very offensive to the Catholic faith. On a deeper level it hurts God more than us; definitely a lack of respect for Him. Jesus suffered and died for our salvation. This commercial shows how foolish and ungrateful man can be.

  16. Cindy T says:

    To all, this is an assault on religion as a whole by the religion of ATHEISM. I call on all Christians and Jews, Muslims, Budist, Mormons, LDS, Seventh Day Adventist, etc. Football teams and football fans to boycott all PepsiCo products if this commercial is aired.

  17. Mary Alice Takach says:

    It might be convenient to say this is not necessarily an issue only to Catholics in particular, but the ad moves quickly and leaves a person with that conclusion. Moreover different denominations have their communion, but certainly do not think of using Doritos for their bread! That should be offensive to them as well. Pepsi not on my grocery list from now on if this ad airs, or perhaps no matter if it airs.

  18. Emily says:

    If this ad airs, I will NEVER buy a pepsi product again. It is totally offensive to me and to my family. Mocking a Christian church. How low can you go?

  19. Elizabeth says:

    boycott all pepsi products for even considering this

  20. OneoftheSheep says:


    So sorry that the Pepsi/Dorito folks have no sensitivity to my Catholic Faith. Perhaps they would like to make a similar video offering Pepsis and Doritos to the Islamic world and watch the reaction to the commercialization of the sacred!
    Take it off the air! Catholics reach out to Catholics offering Truth and Love, not Doritos.

  21. David says:

    very disrespectful. I ask you not to air this ad.
    I not sure why you feel the need to affend so
    many people.

  22. Phyl Shaw says:

    Pepsi products will no longer be found in this house. I notice it is the Christian religion that Pepsi choose to insult, not other religions who would retaliate in a big way. COWARDS.

  23. marymay says:

    This is a very offensive commercial, we will be boycotting pepsi and their products.

  24. Tom K says:

    Enough is enough.
    This blasphemy must be condemned.
    They are desecrating what is sacred.
    You will have lost me and those I can persuade as a customer.

  25. Martha Phelan says:

    This ad is a total mockery of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus gave us the greatest gift, that of Himself in the Eucharist and to mock any portion of it is blasphemous and contemptuous. Please do not mock God by showing this commercial. God loves us unconditionally and to mock Him calls on punishment for ourselves. I pray that you will dispose of this commercial. I will never drink Pepsi after seeing this commercial and I will tell everyone to not drink Pepsi.

  26. Eddy says:

    The only way is to boycott Pepsi Cola, but christian`s are only complaining but no action.

  27. John says:

    Scandalous. Boycott!!! Pray for those responsible for reducing our Lord’s body and blood to doritos and pepsi. Not funny.

  28. Brunell Martineau says:

    Do this to the Muslims and see what happens. This is a cowardly exploitation done in very bad taste. You have committed a blasphemous act and done it with a spirt of arrogance and temerity. Remember the rule of 700 in marketing? Well, I’m going to do my best to see it realized for you Pepsi/Doritos. This blasphemous arrogance of yours will cost a nice chunk of your bottom line. Christians, and Catholics in particular, appear to be fair game in the trashy world of popular media. I’ll never buy another Pepsi product and make sure everybody I know does the same. I hope the Most High visits Pepsi with justice for this.

  29. Kathleen says:

    Well, what can I say??…My favorite drink was Pepsi. I guess that is gone now.

    Sad day when the likes of this AD appears!!!

  30. Debbie says:

    I am a long time Pepsi drinker & I my favorite chips are Doritos. What a shame if this blasphemaus ad airs I will boycott both. Please do not mock our Jesus and our beautiful Catholic faith!

  31. Chris Jay says:

    Are you kidding me? Pepsi- why don’t you grow a pair and insult Islam?

    Perhaps you could have them bobbing for Doritos in a vat full of Pepsi while engaged in prayer.

    How about having Mohammed endorse your product while making fun of beheading Christians? “Nothing makes Mohammed more thirsty than killing infidels” Big swig of Pepsi and tossing a burka to a small Arabic kid. “Keep ’em covered and subjugated kid”.

  32. Rose Mary says:

    This blasphemous commercial exploits Catholic and Judeo-Christian most holiest belief in the doctorine of the most sacred body and blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. The management at Pepsi Corporation owes it to the 1.1 billion Catholics in the world to not air this offensive commercial that mocks our reverence to the Holy Eucharist. Understand that if you offend what “We hold to be Holy”, there shall be reprocussions, not of violence as we are Christians and believers of peace and fellowship, but boycotting of your products by millions of consumers!

  33. Kathy says:

    What a sad sad day for our country.

  34. Maureen says:

    Please do not air this ad. I am a Catholic
    Christian and this is very offensive to me and my family. We believe that Holy Communion is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. This commercial is not funny. Show some respect for the Catholic Church and do not run this ad. I will not be buying Pepsi products if this airs.

  35. I can imagine the conversation amongst Pepsi Cola CEO’s after the airing of this video, “Fellows … we’re losing our customers!”

    What company would be stupid enough to air such a video? This commercial offends not just Catholics, but Orthodox, Lutherans, Episcopalians and Anglicans, all of whom believe in some form of the Eucharist. Granted Lutherans believe in constransubstantiation instead of transubstantiation … but the Eucharist in some form is still part of their worship.

    Since morality is irrelevant to corporate America, let’s talk dollars. How many customers does that add up to Pepsi? From 1.5 to 2 billion customers? Maybe more?

    I’ll be sure NOT to buy stock in your company in the future if it’s run by people stupid enough to run such an ad. Such CEO’s cannot be trusted with my money. I’ll be sure not to buy any food products made by Pepsi either if this ad is run.

  36. My bad … Lutherans believe in consubstantiation, not contransubstantiation. Too many syllables, too early in the morning! HA!

  37. Anthony Lucero says:

    I don’t understand how by making fun of something that is so sacred to me and my family and millions of other people is such a joke to these companies. You would think there is someone in these companies that feels the same way we do, but obviously not. I know that like hundreds of people that have left them comments say we are not supporting these companies anymore, But as true Catholic Christians we need to pray for these people that they find and embrace and understand the true meaning of our lords presence in the Eucharist.

  38. Jean Weller says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. Believe me, if it airs Pepsi and Doritos will lose business. Why do you need to blaspheme? Do you have no fear of the afterlife?

  39. Rosi says:

    I was quite saddened by this Pepsi/Dorito commercial. It is distasteful and disrespectful, not only to all Catholics and other Christians…but most importantly to our Lord Jesus Christ. Even if this commercial doesn’t air at the superbowl, the intent is there. I will no longer purchase any Pepsi/Frito-Lay products. I pray that God may show them mercy on Judgement Day.

  40. Christine says:

    I strongly recommend dumping any Pepsi stock. Any company that will insult so many consumers and have CEO’s incompetent enough to knowingly do so is doomed to fail.

    This may just be the best thing Pepsi has done for Coca-Cola in a long time.

  41. Ciao says:

    Big business’s who make no secret of their hatred for God, are gambling with consumers that their Christian bashing and ridicule will be tolerated by most Americans who may pass it off as “just a commercial”. Just like so much TV and movie Christian bashing. Their real goal is to plant the seed of ridicule and mockery in the minds and hearts of youth for anything Christian, so that, young people will abandon faith in the face of ridicule from their peers. At least this is one of their reasons, I’m sure.

  42. Tony says:

    My wife and I just bought Pepsi products this morning at Kroger. This will be the last time we purchase Pepsi products if this is aired. This is an offense to God. I think Pepsi will make the right decision here or they will really risk a huge controversy. We will see what happens.

  43. Jo Ann says:

    This commercial is sick and absolutely disgusts me. I will never look at another Pepsi drink or Dorito package without remembering the sheer audacity of someone in your advertising department even coming up with this thinking this is appropriate or funny. As a Catholic I am appalled and will boycott Pepsi/Dorito products from now on. Coca Cola rocks!(unless someone in their advertising department thinks this is a good idea and pulls a similar stunt too)

  44. Sean Farrell says:

    This ad is bigotry, pure and simple. In Iraq Catholics are being blown up, in VietNam they are being beaten, in China the Church is still outlawed and clergy imprisoned, in Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, India and elsewhere they are being persecuted for loyalty to their faith and Pepsi thinks this is cute? It’s a shameless updated version of old fashioned 19th and early 20th century American bigotry by a company that has no conscience and no concern for human rights or the people suffering around the world for their faith. This is what they call in our times, a hate crime.

  45. Dennis A says:

    Won’t buy Pepsi again if aired.

  46. Hayley Kibler says:

    Please do not air this ad. It is offensive in the extreme to the Catholic Faith. Please review the rules and requirements of the contest!

  47. Alaina K. says:

    Will not be purchasing either of these products again if this aires…simple…we have to take a stand.

  48. Frankie A says:

    The company should know enough to demonstrate respect for everyone’s spiritual traditions and beliefs. Especially since they are dependent upon the public to buy Pepsi products. This lack of sensitivity would compel me and others I know not to buy Pepsi products. It is hard to believe such a successful company could be so arrogant.

  49. Ciao says:

    This ad is no less than persecution of the Catholic faith and against Catholics who practice their faith. The Church grows stronger through persecution!

  50. Bridget N says:

    Christian’s are the last one’s left fo the discrminated against. I will never buy Dorito’s or Pepsi again if they air this. It is blasphemy! To have the pride to assume that God would anwer a prayer with this kind of nonsense is discriminating against everything I believe in as a Catholic Christian. Boy, they sure wouldn’t do this to the Muslims or the Jews now would they? Why then is it ok to do it to Christians?

  51. Wen says:

    I watch the video and was very disappointed that the creators of this ad could come up with no other positive idea but to belittle something they have to true understanding for…whether its lashing out at the Catholic Church or not you are mocking a group of people because there is no real depth for what they are doing.
    I will definitely NOT be supporting anything that has to do with Pepsi again and will share this with all my friends.
    When good people do nothing evil flourishes.

  52. Ronnie C. says:

    The people who made this ridiculous commercial are a group of low class sick individuals. If Pepsi considers this ad,they should have a lot of Pepsi and Doritos to feed the “flock”, since hopefully it will all be left sitting on the shelves at stores across the country.

  53. Julia says:

    One of the previous comments indicated that the ad isn’t blasphemous, because it doesn’t actually depict a Catholic church. I’m Methodist, and I think that’s an odd thing to say. Of course it’s blasphemous. Aside from that, why is it funny to suggest Christians are so superficial that they would be drawn to church by better “snacks”?

  54. karen tappa says:

    I am so offended by this ad. Receiving the Holy Eucharist is one of the most sacred parts of the mass. It is food for our souls. I could just cry at the lengths man will go to to make money. Stop using God and the church as a way to fill your wallet

  55. Arcy says:

    I do not see this as particularly Catholic. The church building looks protestant. In the line there is no one making the sign of the cross, there is no presentation of Eucharist, there is no reverence being shown. I have been to protestant services that used a variety of sweet breads for their communion services, this was very reminiscent of that. This is tacky and mocks communion but I do not see it pointed at Catholics. I do not see the upside for Pepsi to mock Christians in this way. We are too large a population to insult. This commercial should insult anyone who goes to a church with a communion service. If it airs Pepsi will feel the repercussions in loss of sales. Maybe that is a more productive way to get the message to them?

  56. Good article. I added your rss adress. Thank you.

  57. lynn says:

    Do not air this ad. What happened to the Family ads Pepsi and Doritos use to have? This is not even funny and yes I will not buy Frito Lay or Pepsi products again.

  58. Colette Boyd says:

    Shame on you, Pepsi and Dorito—-to be so blasphamic to Christians…I WILL NOT buy your products, not that I do now, there are far too many to choose from anyway, but YOURS will not be one of them. God help you when you meet him, and anyone else who thinks this is funny. Brush up on your faith….Shame Shame

  59. Mary says:

    using Our Lord’s precious body and blood for ridicule and for the secular, progressive world to view…woe to them, triple woe to them..

    I love you Lord and I make reparation for the sacrileges and disgraces that are made against your Holy Eucharist, daily…
    Come Lord Jesus and change our World…

  60. Maribel Nobio says:

    You should not mock any faith, religion or creed! Knowing your name always so high, after watching this commercial is a huge dissapointment for lot of your follower and not only christians but other religions as well. This is an example of a commercial that should be banned for the lock of respect toward other religions.

  61. Phil says:

    If Pepsi were mocking Ramadan imagine the carnage, the violent demonstrations, the apologies, the death threats.

  62. Coke Head says:

    Well what do you expect from The Pepsi Company .I was told as a child in China that Pepsi ads
    Were the most ridiculous and immature ads that were ever on the Media, now once again Pepsi you have made a complete ass of yourselves. And have not changed.
    I wonder would you insult the Moslem Faith as you do the Catholic Faith? I doubt it because at the end of the day Pepsi are only a second rate drink compared to Coke.
    Grow up you idiots with no brains you drink Coke dopes for once in your life.


  63. Fr. Scott Lemaster says:

    Pepsi/Doritos/Dear Sirs:
    I respectfully ask you NOT to approve the submitted Super Bowl Commercial called “Feed The Flock,” since it ridicules a central, if not holiest, article of my Catholic Faith, that of the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. I enjoy both Pepsi products and Doritos even more, though, as an athlete, my consumption of the products is limited. Please stop this horrendous ad, or I shall not be able to enjoy your products in the future.

  64. Catherine says says:

    Iam sick to think a company that my family supports would go so low as to attack anyones religion. I will no longer purchase your product and will e-mail everyone I know to do the same. Pray that God is merciful on your judgement day. Praise God for everything and may all the Catholics and Christian people make you aware of how evil and disrespectful this is. Another family changint to a coke product to drink. Former Pepsi drinker.

  65. […] “Feed your Flock” Superbowl Ad The Pepsi Company is hosting an advertisement contest. The winner of the advertisement contest will air during the […] […]

  66. Mary Ann says:

    This ad “Feed the Flock” is very distressing and offensive to me.
    Please remove it. It is a mockery and saddens me that anyone would attack any religious faith. It is a shame.

  67. carmen says:

    please do not run this super bowl commercial it is offensive to our Lord in the Eucharist and to faithful Catholics.i will hate to have to give up Doritos and Pepsi and will talk to my family about giving up these product in the event the commercial is run.

  68. Pauline says:

    I find this ad to be in very poor taste! I, too, will never buy another Pepsi product if this commercial airs for the Superbowl! We who receive the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ, are very offended!

  69. Laurie Murphy says:

    This ad is an insult to Catholic Christians everywhere. I will no longer use Pepsi products if this ad is used ever.

  70. Patricia Williams says:

    When I watched the video I could not believe what I was seeing. It was surreal!!!! I can’t believe your arrogance and stupidity Pepsi to even consider running this ad in the superbowl and possibly awarding the morons who wrote the ad. All Christains not just Catholics should be up in arms about this and protest this ad and keep it from running. I find it a little odd that this is appearing near or around when the Catholic Church started running their ads for Catholics Come Home. Hum? Get a clue people this is mocking Christ, the Lord of all Creation who gave his very life for the sake of all the world and you make fun of him to gain customers? If the ad runs you will loss money and face. So please do the right thing and not run this ad.

  71. Theresa says:

    This ad is an offense to God and all Christians. If the ad mocked Islam, it would be banned by our own government. The Islamics would have the makers of Pepsi and Doritos marked for death. Since Christians do not condone killing, I suggest that all Christians boycott Pepsi and Dorito products if they refuse to pull the ad!!! Let them feel our “righteous anger” in their “plummeting” sales figures.

  72. natasha says:

    God forgive YOU!! Don’t you people have any
    fear of the Lord. Someday you will be judged….
    There are three things you will NEVER escape from
    life. You will die, You will be judged, and you will
    go to Heaven Or Hell. Think about it!! It’s your SOUL
    your playing with. Please do not air this terrible,
    terrible AD. You are in my prayers! Just in case you
    want to know. I’ve drank Pepsi for years, I have just
    stopped now.

  73. sandy Lieto says:

    This ad is more than poor taste. Once again Our Lord is mocked In the most holy Sacrament of the Altar. Catholic Christians everywhere should be outraged. As for me and my household we will advocate to boycott all Pepsi and Dorito products.

  74. MAURSIE says:


  75. billy says:

    arrogant and foolish pepsi people!!
    stupid people

  76. Rosemary Jennings says:

    I love diet pepsi and am a mountain dew addict, but if you run this ad, the Coke folks can have my cash. Can’t you find any other way to advertise? How about Islam, Buddism why just us Christians? Why anyones’ faith? You are sickos.

  77. JD says:

    Once again, it’s OK to mock Christianity – I will never buy another PepsiCo product again if this airs. We receive the Body & Blood of Christ at Divine Liturgy, and our Protestant brothers and sisters do not. However, this flies in the face of all Christians, whether or not they receive the true Body & Blood.

  78. Heidi Pruett says:

    Feed your flock? Pepsi and Doritos, after you
    air this commercial, you will never have any more Flock to Feed because all us Flocks will not buy your products, we will buy other brands.

  79. Chris says:

    funny ad, you people need to lighten up.

  80. Cynthia says:

    This is pure and utter stupidity! I will never support Pepsi products again!!! I’ll bet Pepsi would never have the nerve to even THINK, much less actually shoot a commercial, which would be offensive to Islam. I am so very disappointed, I have no more words to explain or express the disappointment I have for this company!

  81. Chris says:

    Doritos and Pepsi at church would have been a good draw for me to attend church as a child. Mmm, Cool Ranch®.

  82. Vicki says:

    This ad should not run because it is in very poor taste. Also, it is not creative; it is something immature junior high kids would think up. I have a feeling the people who made this ad did not intend to offend, but thought they were being cute. Instead, they have exposed their ignorance. I hope Pepsi recognizes that by not choosing this ad. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

  83. Martha Anne says:

    I am shocked that the Eucharist, The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ is being mocked in an ad by Pepsi about Doritos? My family and many friends will never buy your products again if this ad airs on the superbowl.

  84. Melchor Batista says:

    Too late and too serious. Sharing it as a contest was already a disfunctional miscalculation. No matter whether you air it or not. Regardless of whether it be creative and/or funny. Respect is at the core of civil life. The damage has been done. I don’t think further explanation is needed. Too bad. No more doritos, no more pepsi, Ever.

  85. James Highfield says:

    If you run this ad, I will not buy anymore Pepsi products
    and Doritos.

  86. Emma says:

    Pathetic and disgusting. I too, will not buy any Pepsi or products from it’s subsidiaries if you run this add. I will spread the love and ask everyone I know to consider boycotting Pepsico too.

  87. John says:

    Pepsi execs, you have to ask yourselves, do I want my company to suffer financial loses because some immature goons in advertising are so low class that they will insult Jesus and those who believe in Him? The correct answer is NO! I had to give you the answer because you are obviously too stupid to get it right. Pepsi in now on my short list of companies not to support.

  88. eddy says:

    this is bull and pepsi is going to pay for this stupied ad. God have mercy on them. Iwill not drink pepsi agian time to drink coke.

  89. Stephen Jones says:

    This ad is totally insensitive and blasphemous. Pepsi should be ashamed of itself for even thinking of airing this ad which mocks receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. The exact same words Jesus said during the crucifixion. Pepsi and Doritos know not what they do.

  90. justyn sepko says:

    poor salesmanship poor judgement ,poor oversight ,poor pepsi

  91. Diana says:

    Banned! It’s time for all Christians to take a stand against companies that prey on all things sacred. We should not stand for this kind of behavior. Our best defense is to affect their bottom line. Stop supporting companies that offend our beliefs!

  92. Cheryl says:

    Please do not air this horrific ad! Please pick up your bible and go to Psalm 37:12-13!

    I will NEVER buy Pepsi products again!

    I pray God’s mercy upon all those involved!

  93. Carlos says:

    Like others have said very distasteful! I’m Catholic and it is sad to see how the advertisers have no imagination but to make fun of something so sacred to Catholics, and Christians in general!! May our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on those that were part of this and I pray that Pepsi not air this ridiculous and distasteful ad.

  94. Enrique says:

    The best way to handle this issue is to boycott Pepsi products. It’s pretty low and degraded for Pepsi to mock the Catholic faith simply to make a dollar.

  95. Ellen Wright says:

    I’m so tired of these kinds of slams against Christians in general and what big business depicts as Catholics…which is so way off the mark here. Pepsi products will no longer be purchased by this consumer…period.

  96. irma garcia says:

    blasphemous/pepsico has crossed the line/ stupid,stupid,stupid/now i will sell my pepsico stock/society has been quagmired down into the abyss/a child was born to peirce the darkness 2000 yrs ago but society still returns to her vomit/GOD help us for the trumpets shall sound/ what will it take for us to wake up to honor sacredness/the weather/an invasion/ the ever present looming depression/ civil strife/ an earthquake/ that which we are not allowed to know or see/ there is no other but GOD for refuge/ what’s not to understand the relationship / herod killed the innocents to protect his territory/ abortion is permitted to protect the life giving mother/ what’s a little advertisement with a twist/ just a little more to add to the cesspool of pushing the envelope/ looks and smells like ancient rome to me/ do you not know the outcome of rome

  97. Pat Smith says:

    Pepsi is one of the companies that now have permission to sell to Iran and you wonder why they are mocking Christians, by the way Protestants are believers in Christ also. The quicker Catholics wake up that we are under attack the better.

  98. Emy says:

    “There is a war going on, whose side are you on?”

    Pepsi reflect the world-view of materialism and egoism winning over things of the spirit.

    What a sad day for the world if this ad will run…God’s cup of justice is brimming over, this will tip it.

    As a Catholic, I believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Host in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

    Pepsi, in their ad, ignore the sanctity of this Sacrament and our Christian Catholic Faith. They should be prepared for the consequence.

  99. Patricia P Covey PhD says:

    Pepsi has done it again! How offensive does it have to be before we all boycott their products? The next time a waitress asks, “Is pepsi OK?”. let’s all respond with a resounding, “NO”! We can all live with no pepsi & no blasphemy! Pepsi, into what depths will you sink?

    Note: I am a faithful Roman Catholic, but ads blatantly offensive to Jews, Muslims, Hindus… will also result in my asking everyone I encounter to boycott pepsi!

  100. EM says:

    Love pepsi taste…just switched to coke based on this highly offensive ad

  101. Rose says:

    Gosh Pepsi, I guess your willing to insult the majority of Americans who are Christian? Amazing how these corporations get so big they forget who made them. Bunch of fools, if you ask me.

  102. Stan Alekna says:

    Terribly poor taste but when you realize the example set by leaders in our goverment, it’s not surprising. If they run this ad, I’ll boycott Pepsi for life.

  103. Mary Ann says:

    It is very sad that any company should ridicule one of the most sacred beliefs and practices of Christianity. I pray that those responsible for the creation and promotion of this commercial will realize the wrong they have done. Our family will no longer purchase pepsi products and I will pass news of this attempt by Pepsi to use such a commercial to all I know. Perhaps it will take the demise of a company such as Pepsi for its employees to put God before money.

  104. Linda says:

    good luck with getting Pepsi or Doritos to raise you from the dead!

  105. Joan says:

    As a Roman Catholic I am deeply offended. The media is always mocking Catholics. Can’t you be more creative? Pepsi? I never liked it anyway.

  106. Mike says:

    To the CEO of Pepsi – Go ahead and publish this offensive ad. Coke will be very happy you did.

  107. Adam says:

    The ad is offensive, and just plain not funny. It’s only “funny” in it’s ludicrousness. It makes everyone in it look like an idiot, from the parishioners to the pastors. Or on the flipside, if you take Christianity seriously, it makes Pepsico products look bad as if they could ever be a stand-in for holy communion. Pepsi loses either way. Apparently, all Christian pastors care about is doing anything and everything to get more people in the front door. In this case, secular ideas, to pay the bills.

    And it mocks holy communion, not to mention the Gospels. Way to go people, way to go. Hiring the “new generation” of marketing geniuses if this goes to air, I see.

  108. james grimord says:

    How can our culture be so sensitive to other faiths, e.g., Muslims, and yet feel free to trample on the most sacred traditions of MY faith….a boycott of Pepsico products seems insufficient as a response….but The Lord is not blind to this grevious sacrilage. And if the national Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus does not speak out loudly and clearly on this, I will be tempeted to resign.
    Jim Grimord(PGK, Knights of Columbus, Council 4122)Vernon, CT

  109. Denise says:

    What an outrage! I can hardly believe the blatant mockery of this horrible ad. I’ll never buy pepsi company products ever again simply over the intent of this ad. People wonder why we have such tragedies around the world (natural disasters, etc), well this is why!! We mock our Lord and shove God further and further out of society. God’s anger will surely be intensified over this. God have mercy on us all. PepsiCo, please have some morsel of respect and DO NOT AIR THIS HORRID AD!!!

  110. Louise says:

    Looks like I’ll be switching to Coke…I don’t suppose Pepsi has a “fair and balanced” commercial mocking Islam???? or is it just the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which this nation was built and, upon which businesses FREELY prosper, that is free game for continual battering ??!! I am now going to make a list of ALL Pepsi products with an explanation as to why I am no longer going to purchase them; make 500 copies and put them in the church vestibule for all to read how much respect Pepsi has for their Christian customers and our God. Hmmmm….stand up for our God who gives us eternal life or satisfy our “Pepsi” taste buds who gives us diabetes and a fat waist line…..seems like an easy decision to me….

  111. Ellen Whitford says:

    I am sickened by this twisted clip of Holy Communion. Since when is it OK to mock any religion on Television? There are Millions of Christians out there, be it Catholic, Baptist, Inter denominational, and we should all boycott Pepsi and Dorito and take a stand. Please do not show this ad, and start showing some respect for God and people.

  112. Samuel DiMuzio says:

    Sending a notice to Pepsi to not allow the ad is fine.
    Of course my family will not buy pepsi products whether or not the ad goes forward.

    Talking to the money hungry corporations is not too smart as it causes a lot of hot air back and forth.

    Better, notify Pepsi that it will be boycotted for one year. If ads of this nature is run a second time, then the boycott is for two years.

    Wake up.

  113. Philip rodriguez says:

    Please do not air this horribal and tasteless AD. Why do you think it is funny to mock our Christian faith? Why must you do this? Do the right thing and remove this, stop the mocking now. You are offending millions of Christians. Keep in mind, what has happened to the democratic congress, can happen to pepsi. The Public WILL send you a clear message if you proceed with this mockery.

  114. Nancy R says:

    Once again…….
    1. Picking and mocking the Catholics and Christians
    2. Using priests/ministers in ads acting like
    derelicts and viewing money as all important
    3. Too chicken to to make an ad to mock muslims
    4. Will never buy Pepsi product again, and remember
    everyone, it’s not just pepsi and doritos,they make
    tons of products, go on line to look up and boycott
    5. Really, now, everyone, how much more do you think
    our Lord Jesus Christ is going to allow you to
    keep doing this? Does this really give you so
    much pleasure to bring so much hurt to people’s
    Faith. You think it is not a big deal, but it is..

  115. Jim says:

    Why would you air something that is tasteless and offensive? Where is your integrity? If I see this ad, I will never again purchase one of your products and will encourage others to do so.

  116. Derek says:

    Well, I don’t buy this rubbish anyway, it’s a very unhealthy drink. My children have been raised on healthy drinks and when my daughter (7years) tasted Pepsi some time ago she virtually spat it out and said ‘who’d drink this awful stuff’.
    I am delighted to read the united comments from all of those committed Christian Catholics out there who are willing to give up their favourite drink in favour of Jesus Christ. Small sacrifices win the day.

  117. Jerry says:

    Let the powers that be at Pepsi use the Muslim religion to mock, and then lets see what happens.

  118. Nancy Daumke says:

    How dare you! In fact you would not dare to do this to any other Religion. Come to think of it….I HAVE BEEN DRINKING COKE …much better anyways 🙂

  119. Opus Dei says:

    How do you know they weren’t Anglicans? Just sayin…

  120. Evelyn S says:

    Not surprising at all. Just look who Pepsi’s Chairman of the Board & CEO is. Did all the schooling she received include understanding of faith and religion? While you’re at it, look at the make up of Pepsi Board and Officers.

  121. paul says:

    They would never do this to the Muslims- remember the threats made against the cartoonist who made a cartoon about Muhammed? If they don’t do this to Muslims and Jews they should not do this to Christians.

  122. Amy says:

    Clearly they are not in a Catholic Church. So, it really makes me wonder if it just better delineates the difference between Catholics and Protestants. My Dad attends a Baptist Church (I am a convert – and VERY devout to THE TRUE CHURCH and it’s TRUE teachings). He says, “We believe it’s just a symbol” and I say “That’s correct, in your church, it is”. The people who made the ad think that too – and they are right. Now, for just a minute, let’s look at this from a slightly different perspective. I wonder if it might make some people who have been away think about Church, in some way. I also think there are a LOT of Priests out there who aren’t feeding their flocks with solid teaching who might get a message too. I do see how it mocks, certainly, but I also see how God could use it to get a good subtle message across to those who need it.

  123. Catherine Taylor says:

    This ad is stupid and in poor taste. It is mocking Christianity and should not be aired. It’s just dopey.

  124. JD says:

    Amy has a great point here. God could be using this as a subtle message.

  125. Karen says:

    Please do not air this commercial. It is offensive to me and my God. It mocks Christianity.

  126. Carol Carter says:

    This is very offensive. One way to make Coke sales go way up is to air this ad. Christians will not be drinking Pepsi products!

  127. Patsy says:

    Remember the artist who painted a picture of Jesus on the Cross in a jar of urine?
    Remember the artist who painted a picture of Jesus on the Cross laying in ants?
    Now we have pepsi and doritos as the Body and Blood of Christ!
    An artist who needs to deface the Holy God is doing it for publicity because nobody wants to see their crummy art! They won’t do that to the Jews or Muslims.
    If pepsi airs that stupid commercial I will be a coke drinker. I will NEVER buy any pepsi product again.

  128. Don says:

    Sick. Not sure how anyone can find this acceptable

  129. Deacon Ronald Kitlinski says:

    What would possess an advertising agency to make this kind of ad? We would think that the Pepsi Cola Company and Frito-Lay Company would realize what a mistake they will be making if they let this advertisement air. Not only they will be losing a great deal of revenue, they will be losing the respect that they have earned over 150 years of business between the 2 of them. There will never be another Pepsi or Frito-Lay product in our home if the this airs.

  130. Anne says:

    Pepsi has many products, soda/pop being only one. Quaker Oats is one, many are not under the Pepsi label.

  131. real christian says:

    really? this is what you’re getting upset about? when there are starving children and people being murdered in other countries for just for being themselves and you’re worried about some silly commercial? perhaps you should stop shoving your CHOSEN religious beliefs down everyone’s throats and concentrate on actually doing some good instead of protecting child molesters and being oh so self-righteous. just saying.

  132. Anne DeMilio says:

    Your commercial is a disgrace. I will no longer consumer Pepsi or Doritos or any of your products — unless you decide not to publish your commercial.

  133. jesus says:

    The offensive ad is proposed to run during the Superbowl. The Superbowl is festival of homo-eroticism starring overpaid heavily-muscled men in extremely tight clothing. And it is held on a SUNDAY, when you should be in CHURCH.

  134. Jesus H. Christ says:

    Hey y’all. God doesn’t exist. Sorry to break the news… :(.

  135. Tina says:

    to not air this anti religous video would be censorship and this is a free country and if they start censoring that whats to say someone cant censor religious people from posting religious stuff on tv? whats fair is fair u start censoring stuff of others and they will start censoring yours… alot of things offend ALOT of people deal with it move on and get a life.

  136. Marc says:

    Pass the chips and soda… please.

  137. Hdtex says:


    You Christofascists really really need to get a sense of humor.

    GREAT ad….and your cult, which harbors pedophiles, villifies homosexuals, and DIRECTLY responsible for the toture, murder, and terror for hundreds of thousands of innocents, would do well to find clever ways of attracting new victims.

    The world is oon to you CATLICKS!

  138. sacredhearts says:

    this is terrible! i don’t like doritos! they should be giving out potato chips!

    and they obviously aren’t catholic since none of the priests are gay and there don’t seem to be any choir boys being fondled.

  139. DanNation says:

    Get a life people. Really. It’s just a TV commercial.

  140. Scott says:

    Oh will you people SHUT UP already. Go feed the homeless and quit worrying about a stupid Doritos commercial.

    Unbunch your panties.

  141. Noora Smith says:

    In sending our complaints, please note the stereotype of the belligerent black woman also contained in this offensive ad.

  142. Philomeana says:

    Re: Scott,
    It is offensive in so many ways…and if you don’t find it so, maybe you should examine your belief in the eucharist. I don’t think you are very Christian in your comments; they are offensive as well.

  143. AnnaRose says:

    This ad simply says that you all are unable to make a decent one. Just plain ignorance! We definitely won’t buy Pepsi or Doritos!

  144. Ike says:

    The folks who are horrified can keep up their cannibalistic, blood drinking rituals at the altar of the zombie god, Jesus. The rest of us will enjoy Pepsi products.

  145. hairy potter says:

    i loved the ad!! quite funny…

  146. Lisa Giunta says:

    I will boycott these products if this is aired due to the blasphemy of this viewing, but then you will have to answer to God and all those who approve of this Ad. I hope he has some Mercy on them when their time comes.

  147. CatholicBoy says:

    This was definitely not a Catholic church. There were no little boys being raped.

  148. judith says:

    God have mercy on those people who mocks the Universal Church (Catholic in Greek and is establshed by Jesus Christ) I will pray for you all and pepsi and doritos.

  149. JL says:

    I think this is a great ad! You folks really, really need to lighten up. Jesus would have laughed his a** of at this!

  150. Becca says:

    What a wonderful ad. Nothing blasphemous about it. People really need to start relaxing and stop with the knee jerk reactions. At the end of the commercial there was way more parishioners which is what a church wants in the end so it can spread the word.

    Things in this country have gotten way out of control. So much anger is being intentionally stirred up by people with an agenda and making people react to a non-issue, which is clearly represented here on most of the people’s posts.

    It’s time we Christians started listening to Christ and shut out the crazy people like Bill Donohue, Fox News, Family Research Council, etc who’s only mission is to create tension between people, religions, races, etc where one does not exist.

    WWJD? He’d love this commercial.

  151. Shelley says:

    This commercial couldn’t be much more offensive to the beliefs of Catholic Christians in particular and Christians in general. If this airs during the Super Bowl, we’ll never buy another Pepsi product.

    I’m going to my church email list and my Catholic/Protestant Facebook friends right now to let them know about this so that they can register their disapproval and disgust.

  152. Shaun says:

    Funny commercial, and even funnier is seeing the holier-than-thou Christianists get all riled up over a non-religious parody. Of special notice are the martyrs and zealots above who claim this silly commercial is an attack on God, or an attempt to destroy the Church, or any one of a number of other hysterical, fear-mongering claims that have no basis in reality.
    Attention, chicken littles – no one is trying to destroy your church. Puritans and zealots like you, along with your intolerant and criminal hierarchy of clerics, are doing that just fine all on your own.

  153. Roger says:

    I thought it was in bad taste too, and I’m an ATHEISM!
    But to be fare free speech is not always what you want to hear or see!
    Let it air!

  154. Douglas Gray says:

    Most guys who watch football, even those who are Christians, will not be offended by the ad, as they are eager to have the Pastor get the sermon over with on Super Bowl Sunday, so they can go home and watch the game. Chips and dip are part of the experience.

  155. mary clark says:

    The pepsi&dorito ad for super bowl Feed Flock was not nice at all and very ofensive I pray to God you would think twice before puting out there. Please think what your doing????????????????

  156. David in Houston says:

    Your faith shouldn’t be so fragile that it can’t endure some good natured ribbing. You’re lucky they didn’t mock all the pedophile priest scandals. Lighten up. Don’t take life so seriously… you’ll never get out of it alive.

  157. homer says:

    Drinking the blood and eating the flesh of Jesus is ritual cannibalism. I don’t think you can come up with anything more bizarre and disgusting.

  158. Morgan says:

    Is this offensive to communion? Certainly. However it does point out one very sad truth. The church is loosing members because it refuses to enter the new century. I think, from a perspective of advocating modernization in the church, this is a good satire.

    But if this was a commercial making fun of gay people…I bet you all would go out and buy a pepsi…

  159. This commercial is terribly offensive not just to Catholics who receive communion to be nourished by the body and blood of Christ but I believe it is disrespectful to any religion. No one stands in a communion line to receive Pepsi or Dorritos. Yes, all churches would appreciate more members, however, not via the manner you suggest.

  160. marc says:

    LOL, awwwwwww funny that alot of you are offended by this, when you conduct yourselves in such offensive ways most of the time.

    Get off your horses.

  161. Amy says:

    What really puzzles me is how many people who are obviously not faithful Catholics are bashing this post. I’m very serious in asking why you even spend time reading this blog. For example, I do not really know anything about World of Warcraft – therefore I would not be spending time on a blog about it. It seems that you are intentionally looking for places to say mean things. Why would you do that? I am honestly not baiting you or even chastising you. I really would like to know what drives that.

  162. JustMe says:

    Congrats on getting this ad to #1! Way to go, Crybabies!

  163. MP says:

    Goal: Make Catholics COMPLETELY offended. Result…more media attention. Pepsi will never need to air this commercial because most will have seen it before the Superbowl due to our protest….bonus: free advertising. Food for thought but no solution. I wish I had one.

  164. Gayle says:

    FYI! The Most Holy Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the King of Kings! Respect is given to the Divine Trinity (Father – Son – Holy Spirit). May God’s Divine Will reign supreme in each and every soul now and through all eternity.

  165. Jim says:

    I’m a very strong and practicing Catholic. And I just don’t find this that offensive. Not only is it clearly not a Catholic church (ring on priest, woman minister, no religious accoutrements) but there does not appear to be a single religious symbol or icon anywhere at all. Yes, some protestant or evangelical churches are pretty bare, and this could only be one of those. But, other than the “priest” standing up giving out Doritos, there is really nothing to indicate anything religious there at all. I do not associate any kind of “communion” with what I see in this ad, though I know it was meant to be related.

    And, for those who say they believe in the True Presence, as do I, look again. Only a very few protestant sects have that same belief and they do often use substances (i.e.: grape juice) which are not consistent with Catholic teachings or the True Presence. I was prepared to be offended, but I was not. It is sufficiently removed from reality, especially any Catholic reality, to have made me smile at its ridiculousness. I always thought that Jesus Himself must have smiled on occasion and I hope he will be forgiving of me if I do, too.

    However, let me say this: I do find some of the comments by posters here directed at the Catholic Church to be very offensive, far worse than the ad itself. And I do feel the attacks on Christians, and especially Catholic Christians, have increased significantly in recent years and are a serious cause for concern.

  166. Zabet Enwiya Youkhanna says:

    Pepsi and Doritos Companies CEO, a day will come when you are on your knees asking God mercy for your filthy act you are doing. WOW to you from the Wrath of God that will be inflected upon you and your family. WOW to You the Anti Christ, WOW to You the evil doers and you are the devil himself.
    You’re despicable and filthy action was written in the Bible that someday anti Christ will persecute the Christians for bearing Christ name and you are anti Christ. May the Lord open you blind eyes, May lord open your deaf ears and May the Lord clear your hateful heart that filled with anger toward Christ the Lord. May the Sacred drop of our Lord blood wash your sinful action? Amen.

  167. Jim says:

    Just for another bit of clarity: This is clearly NOT a depiction of the Holy Eucharist. Those thinking so had better take a more serious look at the teachings of the Church and be able to recognize what they are seeing. If I felt it were, and that it was being mocked, I would also have strong feelings against it. But it is simply not the Eucharist nor anything close to it. Perhaps many posting here have not had the experience of observing other faiths. I find non-Catholic incarnations of the “communion” often foolish since they are completely inconsistent with what is in Holy Scripture. But I don’t feel they mock us and I don’t disrespect them in the same way they often do of us. I simply feel they haven’t really paid attention to Scripture and are, sadly, missing the full truth of what Christ gave to us. This ad feels the same way to me. It’s simply not Holy Eucharist at all. That’s my view.

  168. frances says:

    My people,,Beware the end is near. False prophets will come in abounds. Surely we can see how junk food destroys the body, mind and soul. What you put in comes out.

  169. Allah says:

    Isn’t a boycott really no different than a Muslim cleric issuing a fatwa, and Christians always claim to be better than Muslims!?!?

    Meanwhile my taste buds have been bombed with great taste!

  170. Sharon H. Rodrigue says:

    I have a pretty good sense of humor, and I believe our God, THE God of the universe has a great sense of humor. Otherwise, this world would be a dull place. However, I do not see any humor in this ad because there is none. There is merely blantant mockery of the Most Precious gift ever given to humanity–Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Your decision to run this ad will do several things. It will cause true Christians to boycott Pepsi & Doritos products, this will snowball causing these companies to have to lay off many innocent workers and their families will suffer as well as the communities where they live. BUT, most of all you will succeed in offending a Great God. He IS loving, merciful and forgiving, but as any loving parent does to discipline the children they love, He allows things to occur so that those same children can learn a valuable lesson. BD of Dir. @ Pepsi & Doritos–> What are YOU willing to give up so that you can air this offensive ad?

    I’m praying for you to wake up to the Truth before it is too late.

    In God’s love,
    Sharon H. Rodrigue

  171. Sharon H. Rodrigue says:

    I have a pretty good sense of humor, and I believe our God, THE God of the universe has a great sense of humor. Otherwise, this world would be a dull place. However, I do not see any humor in this ad because there is none. There is merely blatant mockery of the Most Precious gift ever given to humanity–Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Your decision to run this ad will do several things. It will cause true Christians to boycott Pepsi & Doritos products, this will snowball causing these companies to have to lay off many innocent workers and their families will suffer as well as the communities where they live. BUT, most of all you will succeed in offending a Great God. He IS loving, merciful and forgiving, but as any loving parent does to discipline the children they love, He allows things to occur so that those same children can learn a valuable lesson. BD of Dir. @ Pepsi & Doritos–> What are YOU willing to give up so that you can air this offensive ad?
    I’m praying for you to wake up to the Truth before it is too late.

    In God’s love, Sharon H. Rodrigue

  172. If this ad will go through on air the best way to combat this blasphemy and mockery against the Holy Eucharis is to boycott all products of pepsi and doritos.

  173. Caitlyn says:

    “Marie says:
    Friday, December 31, 2010 A.D. at 8:58am

    When your communion is saltine crackers and grape juice, you may find this funny. We who receive
    the body and blood of our Lord see it as blasphemy.”

    I watched the video and was not offended by it. I do however find it to be toeing the line of blasphemy. The reason I copied this woman’s post is because right in it she makes the assumption that only Catholics would be offended by this, not all Christians. That right there, in my opinion is almost as bad as the video. other then the white collars on the pastors shirts there is no reason to believe that this is a poke at strictly Catholics. She also alludes to the idea the a Catholic is better supporter of Christ because we, yes I am Catholic as well, consume his body and blood at communion as opposed to “saltine crackers and grape juice”.

  174. Terry Muzones says:

    My family and friends are Pepsi (only) drinkers. This now is the end of Pepsi and its products in my household. And I am going to campaign to friends and relatives not to drink Pepsi or its products anymore. I am appalled that they would even consider using this blasphemous ad. There is no humor in it. It was done in poor taste and totally offensive and disrespectful. It is despicable to mock our faith and our Lord Jesus Christ who died to redeem all of mankind. I am hoping that the CEO of PepsiCo will remove this ad from airing. There is no greater power than the power of God over all of mankind. God’s justice will prevail and woe to those who despise him.

  175. P.D.Cutmore says:

    I would just like to say how offensive I find this ad. & I will be telling all my friends not to buy Pepsi or Doritas.

  176. Xtreem says:

    going to buy more doritos and pepsi and ban coke from my home!

    Blasphemy is a victimless crime!

  177. Richard says:

    I am schocked that Pepsi and Doritos would endorse this type commercial. You force this slur of a commercial on Christians and your firms will suffer the consequences. Wait and see what happens to your bottom line. Disgraceful and an attack on the Good Lord Himself.

  178. Helen D. says:

    As Jesus said from the cross; Father, forgive them they know not what they do. Lord have mercy on their souls.

  179. Debbi says:

    Heres my two cents,, but first I am atheist and personally reject any form of spiritualism.
    With that said any time when I see mockery of peoples true faith I know all of us have lost. This ad degrades the piety and deeply held traditions of many people to no good purpose.
    In a teasing manner, my morality comes from ‘Bambi’ and the Thumper Rule, dont say anything if you cant say someting nice.
    Be well

  180. […] I don’t get why Catholics are upset. (And, in all seriousness, both the conservatives and the liberals among them alike, if they have […]

  181. Karl says:

    Who cares if you’re offended? It’s a commercial that pokes a little fun at superstition. You know what’s offensive? Your religion.

  182. This commercial is not well done. I always love the Budweiser commercials . they connect with the heart. this can start people one against the other.
    I hope and pray this will not be shown. People mock religion and that doesn’t help our unity.

  183. Ralph Kramden says:

    It’s about time Catholics boycotted Pepsi.

    They’ve been boycotting Catholics since we molested all those little boys.

  184. Jim Wiggin says:

    Never mind boycotting Pepsi for all the dangerous carcinogens in their products.

    Ban them because they dare run a contest where one of the entries mocks religion.

    I guess Christians would have preferred they mock Muslims.

  185. Fred Keyes says:

    There is a behind the scenes video now showing how these horrible people actually had a good time creating this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi-qp_HQsIw

  186. Shirley says:

    The people who appeared in this commercial apparently do not know that when Catholics receive communion they are receiving the body and blood of Christ.
    “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
    The people who worked on this commercial from the ground up and the corporations involved do not know the gavity of this blasphemy. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Oh and for Karl (Jan. 2) grow up.

  187. William says:

    People, it’s just a commercial for junk food and they’re having fun with it. Are we so insecure in our faith that we resort to boycotting American companies? Such a boycott would only portray us as overly sensitive and petty. Why give our detractors more ammunition than they already possess?

  188. TGAP Dad says:

    You christians always baffle me. You are the majority in this country (USA), yet you continually choose to adopt the persona (and promote the memes) of the oppressed, beleaguered minority. In a country where the government has a continual practice of church-state violations – always favoring the christian religion – I would think you’d have gotten a little more perspective.

    So what do you propose: that we run all commercials where religious allusions are portrayed past the pope? May I remind you that this is the pope who in his official capacities actively allowed child rape to go unpunished, and protected the rapists while condemning the victims? Is that your paragon of virtue?

    Get some perspective people: the catholic mythology is every bit as silly as beliefs you actually call mythology. Your god exists no more than Zeus, Jesus didn’t walk the earth any more than Dionysus, and your scripture is every bit as fictional (though not as good) as Tolkein’s. Most people stop believing in Santa Clause when they learn to reason. Why don’t you take that extra step and let your god go they way of Santa and the tooth fairy?

  189. Maria Delaney says:

    We wonder if you are deliberately alienating American Catholics by running the “Feed Your Flock” ad, or are you merely obtuse. May we remind you that Catholics comprise a significant percentage of American Consumers. If you wish to pass off that big a piece of the market to Coca’ Cola, then please run this ad.

    We wonder if your next ad will poke fun at Mohammed or Yahweh.

  190. Sal Cannizzo says:

    How pathetic and appalling and disrespectful one could be. Their will not be a pepsi product in my home. I really believe this will be the downfall of this company

  191. Sal Cannizzo says:


  192. Sandra says:

    What kind of people do you have for marketing? Atheists and morons? This CEO is against religion and is he stupid enough to OK this? He must have an uninformed or delusional marketing department with no knowledge on how to advertise. Can’t they come up with a better idea instead of disgracing the catholic church as well as other christians who receive holy communion. We always have a super bowl party about 100 or so. If this is aired on TV our friends will turn off the game completely and will never buy PEPSI or DORITOS if this is viewed on TV. They will switch to Coke. Hopefully the super bowl will have very low ratings because of PEPSI.


  193. jim says:

    So, do you all think that the Mohammed cartoons are blasphemous? If not, why not. If so, why?

  194. Dave Strong says:

    Oh come on! Blasphemous?? The Catholic church for decades (centuries??) condones, obfuscates, hides the rape of thousands of children, but this little bit of commercialism is offensive to you?! You folks have one f*cked up sense of decency and fairness – which is typical for xians I suppose.

    Off to pick up some Doritos to eat while I vote for this ad!

  195. Shirley says:

    Re: Dave Strong….(You folks have one ……..sense of decency and fairness….)Guess what…..I am sticking up for Jesus…and what the body and blood of Jesus at the consecration of our mass means….this generation is going to defend Christ…don’t crucify Him again…and make a mockery of our faith. This Pepsi group apparently knew enough not to mock the Muslims….where were their heads when it came to Catholics/Christians….
    Bring in the New Year and Coca Cola. Yea…

  196. MATT says:

    Stop being a bunch of crybabies. Nobody is targeting Christians and there is no blasphemy. It is a stupid commercial that is supposed to make you laugh.

  197. Drew says:

    If they had shown the Doritos and Pepsi being consecrated, then I would consider that blasphemy. Instead, it’s poking fun at fickle parishioners who need to be bribed to attend services.

    I have to agree with Dave Strong here too. Far, far too many Catholics remain silent about the pedophiles who were relocated instead of turned over to the authorities. I find it so sad that this light-hearted ad caused more of an uproar in the Catholic ranks.

  198. jaydee559 says:

    Wow really saddens me how much ignorant ppl we got on here talking bad about about your fellow christian brethren “catholics” aren’t most of you “CHRIST”tian???,For those of you who aren’t (egnostic, atheist, etc.), I forgive and pray for you cause you’re truly lost…you all can sit there and say this means nothing and to ease up but im pretty sure if you had some faith, belief and understanding or they were making a mockery of something you hold dearly you would be acting very differently, such hyprocrisy you all have. First and foremost you don’t even understand what are sacraments mean and for those of you who are catholic, shame on you…phedophiles and all your b.s. about my church doesn’t fade me cause you so called protestants have just as much problems and don’t get me started on Islamic ok..word of advise to the makers and supporters of this commercial you will get what’s coming to you believe that…and for all you catholic bashers…I forgive you and will praying for you..Keep it 100

  199. kerry says:

    This ad is just plain pathetic, and done in poor taste. I would think that
    a company the size of Pepsi would have a more creative marketing ad
    campaign then this………

  200. Shirley says:

    Hi Matt: They did target Christians as receiving the
    Eucharist is central to our religion. You may not know about our faith but yes it is blasphemy. I think you are young and you just don’t know.

  201. Mary Ellen says:

    I will not purchase their products either. For a complete list, see:

    Click to access US_BrandListnShoppingList6_30_10.pdf

  202. i willnever support pepsi if this is aired

  203. Karen says:

    Read the Early Church Fathers like Ignatius of Antioch 70 A.D. and get back to me on what the host/Eucharist is “people that bash the Catholic Church”.Read the Bible too. People died for this over and over again. A Dorito chip…oh please *eyeroll*
    Yeah…it could be a lot of churches but not everyone is educated and a white and black collar means priests or pastors.
    Pepsi should not mock any religion if they stand for any type of integrity!
    BOYCOTT this…..if the ad runs! Stand up for Christ and his sacred body!

  204. Roger says:

    Very funny and I will buy some for the super bowl since I am a fan of pepsi, I’ll skip the chips since there not very good for me, healthy pizza anyone!

  205. JD says:

    It’s a shame that ‘marketing’ should offend anyone.

  206. Paulette says:

    WOW! I thought Burger King had a rotten advertizing agency. Shame on you and your advertizing agency PEPSI!! This is in very POOR taste.

  207. Sandra says:

    I find this commercial in very poor taste. Now I know what to expect from Pepsi.

  208. ML says:

    We take offense at mocking any religion and find this commercial highly inappropriate and in extremely poor taste.

  209. Juwill says:

    EUCHARIST LK 22:14-20 MT 26:26-28 COR 11:23-26

  210. Rose Mary D. says:

    For William who states he is a Catholic and has viewed the the commercial and doesn’t feel it mocks our sacrament of communion and questions why we feel so insecure in our faith. I wonder if you believe in the true presence? For TGAP Dad, who refers to our faith as mythology learn alot by reading a little, before commenting on a religion that has a 2,000 year history. And for those who are agnostic or atheist. I pray for you to come to share in the true faith of Jesus Christ, because true peace and love comes from knowing him and his church. True the church has problems caused by some of her members and that is why Jesus said he came to heal the sinner and teach us of his LOVE for one another. And the Catholic Church is one of the largest charitable organizaitons in the world today because of its reverence for GOD.

  211. Tom Mealey says:

    This was a total blasphemy of my Religious beliefs. I recommend that Pepsi products be boycotted by all who have Christain beliefs.They should try to mock the Muslin believers & see what will happens.

  212. John says:

    Honestly you people deserve to be mocked. GET OVER YOUR PATHETIC SELVES! It’s a funny little commercial that doesn’t even say the people are Catholics, oh and you don’t hold a corner on communion! If your religion is so pathetically weak that it can’t stand up to a few people poking fun at the more stupid parts, then it isn’t much of a religion!

    Your the type of people who give Christianity a bad name, you are acting no better than the muslims who persecute others for saying something they consider negative about Mohammed. Get a life you weaklings!

  213. Jeanette Schwartzburt says:

    And you think this will make people laugh – why?
    And you think this will help you sell more Pepsi and Doritos – why?
    What a stupid commercial! Secularly, I would be wondering why anyone thought this was of Superbowl Commercial quality.

    Sacredly, it an abomination to Catholic Christians! The true presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is not to be taken lightly or made fun of. Get your act together and go find something that is truly funny and won’t get you in a heap of trouble. Just imagine if every Christian who is offended by this commercial stopped buying Doritos and Pepsi. How funny would that be to you?

  214. Michael Corkery says:

    This commercial is beyond offensive. It is spreading hatred against the Catholic Church and all Catholics.
    To air this commercial under any circumstances could be construed as a hate crime and the appropriact action should be taken by the Justice System dealing with hate crimes should be taken

  215. Agnes Clift says:

    Please do not air this irrevelant ad. I love my church. I enjoy Pepsi and doritos but I would no longer be able to enjoy either if this ad is aired. Many times I have been told to stop drinking soda, between this ad and a proposed tax on soda in Vermont I may actually be compelled to do so, it would be a good resolution.

  216. Shirley says:

    Re: John January 2nd. We do not appear to be weak on this site. And you refer to our religion’s stupid
    parts…would you be part of the mob jeering Jesus and agreeing that He be put to death or would you be brave and shout “that He be saved.” Are you still saying that the commercial is fine even though it isn’t? Remember we all have souls, visit yours and you will find truth. May God Bless you and yous.
    Just me…

  217. Drew says:

    I just finished reading all of the comments. Most of you don’t even realize that Pepsi has nothing to do with this potential ad. It is a third party’s contest submission. Whether or not it will air will be decided by a voting public on Pepsi’s website. Calling for a boycott before it even makes the final cut is pretty telling about how you think.

    @Rose Mary D:

    I was a devout, true-believing Catholic well until adulthood. I’ve been an altar boy and an acolyte. I’ve read both the KJV and NIV in their entirety several times (which, ironically, led me away from Christianity) and I have learned one thing: True love and peace comes from having an open heart and mind – to accept people for who they are and not judge them harshly for something as silly as their sexual preference.

    The only thing Catholicism taught me was how to hate.

  218. John says:

    Shirley, I’m a Catholic who is telling you the majority of people on this forum are constipated idiots with no sense of humor. Your the type who look to for things to be offended about, not because they are offensive but because you WANT to be offended. That’s what I’m telling you! Your type give Catholics a bad name. You deserve to be mocked, even though this commercial is not mocking any one religion.

    And just because you are ranting on this site like the absolute worse of religion you are not weak? The weakness Shirley is mentally, you are weak mentally.

    Whine and cry about how offended you are over nothing, get the commercial booted, the only people that loose are you because to the outside world, you are the laughing stock and all you do is diminish the religion. Whoever made this commercial will be laughing all the way to the bank, you just gave it a ton of publicity!


  219. Drew says:

    Oh, and while you’re busy boycotting Pepsi, you should know that Coca Cola gives full benefits to those godless heathens in same-sex relationships. Better boycott them too since they’re helping spread teh gay.

  220. Patricia says:

    If the commercial “Feed the Flock” is shown during the Super Bowl, I will never buy Pepsi or Doritos, again. I won’t buy any product the Pepsi Company sells.

  221. P A Boese says:

    Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo to share your sincere thoughts.

    We want to reassure you that the commercial you cited is not one designed and produced by PepsiCo, but a consumer submission in our web-based Crash the Super Bowl promotion. In this program, participants can upload their own 30-second spots for Doritos tortilla chips or Pepsi MAX to be considered for broadcast during Super Bowl XLV. The finalists will not be announced until January 2011.

    We apologize if you were upset or offended by this consumer submission, and we will share your feedback with our marketing teams so they can be aware of your concerns.

  222. Alfred Powers says:

    I have three members of my family who work for Pepsico. I have already notified them that if Pepsico airs that “despicable” ad that Pepsi products will never be in my home again…..and the fact that Pepsico would even consider such an ad is “over the top.”
    Lets see how brave Pepsico is and air-an-ad that mocks Islam….they know what would happen and don’t have the “guts” to do so.
    I am a Catholic and am very offended by this ad.

  223. PATTY says:


  224. Shirley says:

    Re: P A Boese statement. Thank you for taking the time to address this issue. As a Catholic I am serious about anyone making fun of the center of our faith the Eucharist. But I love a good party and having a good time. Mistakes were made in accepting this “commercial.” What good is a commercial if it
    insults a segment of its audience? I don’t think there was any malice intended by the makers of this commercial or your staff and that they did not understand the gravity of such a commercial. But why did they select the content they did. Please pull this commercial ..it shouldn’t have gotten as far as it did. Slapstick at best at our faith…tears…

  225. M.B. Dannaher says:

    Poor judgment on the part of Pepsi

  226. richard says:

    We have used Pepsi products for many a year.
    Airing this ad which makes fun of my Christian
    belief will make me stop using your product. We will
    also ask our relative and friends to stop using
    your product. Please rethink you ad choice.

  227. Rita Shaffer says:

    Please don’t air the Pepsi commercial! There are so few things left sacred! Do you really need to poke fun at the most central articles of our faith? Why can’t your writers come up with original ideas instead of taking 2,000 year old facts of faith and belittling them? No one is going to think it’s funny or entertaining! Please reconsider!

  228. Sandy Ruiz says:

    Very poor judgement in making this commercial and I was taken back by it. I, too, will not purchase any Pepsi in the future if this ad is not pulled. We already have Coke vs. Pepsi discussions in our home but the buck stops with me…I make the decisions!

  229. Tom Forbes says:

    I forwarded your petition to every Catholic I know as well as the Catholic League, Brent Bozell and Fox and Friends. I noted lots of very negative comments on Pepsi’s own website, Thank God. Maybe this will convince them this is a rotten idea. Strange how it’s always open season on Catholics and Christians but Islam is hands off. I guess they’re afraid the reaction there won’t be limited to boycotts. Smart people aren’t they?

  230. Chris Kuechenmeister, Frito-Lay says:

    I work for Frito-Lay and wanted to clarify that the above-discussed video was an entry in the Crash the Super Bowl contest where consumers were asked to submit ads for Doritos or Pepsi MAX with the chance of airing on the Super Bowl broadcast. The video was created by a consumer and not Doritos or Pepsi MAX.

    We received over 5,600 entries. As you can imagine, with such a significant number of submissions, you get a pretty wide range of concepts. We apologize if you were upset or offended by this consumer submission.

    We announced 10 finalists this morning, and now consumers will get to vote for their favorites to air during the Super Bowl. I wanted to let you know that the video you have been discussing is not included in the finalist group. This means that it will not air during the Super Bowl and will not be a part of any other Doritos or Pepsi MAX marketing programs in the future.

  231. Dick Curran says:

    Iwonder which of the heads of Pepsi are proud of this nasty, arrogant piece of garbage?????????????????????????

  232. Y Ortiz says:

    How disrespectful and offensive to what is so sacred! Even though this add will not be included in the final voting, to have it on the website is insulting and offensive enough! I hope it is removed immediately. I pray for those whose ignorance led them to produce such an ad! May they realize what they have done and never repeat it!

  233. CHEECH says:


  234. Jill says:

    For a group of individuals who seemed to have little or no qualms about stipping marraige rights from ‘certain’ citizens, y’all sure do get your panties in a bunch over something as silly as a dorito, dontcha ya think?

  235. Shirley says:

    In briefly going over the entrance requirements for the commercial I did not see any requirement that would stop such an ad from getting through. There was an entrance requirement that no hard liquor, alcohol, drugs, contraceptives, etc. be included in the ad but nothing that would insult deeply a person’s faith. Pls. remove this commercial from the gallery of Pepsi’s super bowl entrants regardless of last update of the 10 finalist. What have we become?

  236. Tim says:

    I don’t purchase anything from pepsi or frito lay but im sure gonna pray

  237. Michael Z says:

    Regardless if this is shown or not I will never use a Pepsi or Doritos product again. Just the simple fact that they would consider this makes me so mad. I am sick of people bashing Christians. Please. Remove this commercial from the gallery of Pepsi’s super bowl entrants regardless of last update of the 10 finalist. What have we become?

  238. Joseph Walsh says:

    A new low for our society. You can take me off your list of potential consumers. Enough is enough!

  239. DebrasDilemma says:

    Mocking the sacrament of Holy Communion, of any Christian denomination…what’s funny about this Pepsi/Doritos people? That I will boycott your products and ask my friends to do so also, regardless of whether nor not you run this ad?? Shame on you!

  240. […] It seems like every year, a Superbowl ad causes controversy. This year, it is Pepsi and Doritos’s take on Communion in which the elements are replaced with the produces sponsoring the ad. You can read about it here, as well as click through to the video and sign a petition to get it off the air. “Feed your Flock” Superbowl Ad « The American Catholic. […]

  241. Raymond Peringer says:

    The Pepsi-Cola Company has never been accused of good taste. Should this commercial be aired, the company would give no reason why that opinion should change.

    Besides, Pepsi/Doritos are harmful to the body.

  242. Drew says:

    Wow. I expected for you peopleto be glad that it isn’t going to air. I also thought I’d see a lot of comments thanking the Frito Lay and Pepsi people for responding – but only Shirley did that.

    How silly of me.

    If the Frito Lay/Pepsi folks are still reading, first of all, I want to thank you for your perfect score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index.

    Furthermore, I urge you not to give in to this small, yet vocal cadre of Offenderati. Most Catholics don’t tilt at every windmill they see. And frankly, they really don’t have the fortitude to enact an effective boycott.

  243. fran says:


  244. Eileen says:

    I beg you, Pepsi and Pepsi products, to rethink your airing of this commercial.Some may find it amusing; it could even win a prize; but others may find this a mockery of something sacred. Aside from offending a population of no few numbers, and ignoring the first two commandments, have you not considered the business reprecussions? Please don’t force me and others to stop consuming Pepsi products!

  245. […] a scaup or two, but I hadn't seen a cinnamon teal. Dick said the drakes would really stand out in a flock because their bodies would appear black in contrast to the white underside of their wings. I […]

  246. Drew says:

    Actually, fran, the 1st Amendment, which indeed provides for the freedom of religion through the establishment clause, also provides for the freedom of speech.

    This Amendment was designed to protect the unpopular voice from being quenched by the government and by mob rule.

    What it doesn’t do is protect people from being offended. That simply isn’t a right that Americans have, I’m glad to say. There are plenty of things that I find offensive (most by religious mobs), but as the famous quote says, I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    In this case, Pepsi is a private entity and as such, the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to what they have on their website; they can remove content as they see fit. I encourage you to read the Wikipedia entries on the Bill of Rights.

  247. amy says:

    I wish I could congratulate the Pepsi officials who responded to the comments, but I am skeptical of their actions–that had they not known the outrage of Catholics, the irresponsible and blasphemous ad submissions would have made it to their final cut. So no Pepsi and Pepsi products for me and my family.

    To those who do not understand, yet lambast, the real presence and sacredness of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist; those who believe that the Catholic faith is a myth; and those who think Catholics are weak, I pray that the light of Christ may come upon you and the Holy Spirit open your hearts and minds so that the time will come when you could also be sharers in the graces that the sacraments instituted by Christ shower to believers. And when the time of reckoning comes, we will all hear these words from the Master: “Well done my good and faithful servant, now at last enter into the joy of your Master’s house.”

  248. Jeanette says:

    Will not purchase Pepsi products if aired. Will also pull Pepsi machine from my school.

  249. MATT says:


    “i think you are young and you just don’t know” is not really a good thing too say to anybody. Maybe “you are just too old and closeminded”.

    Anyways, everybody here is going to forget this commercial in a week. It is all just a bunch of hype that is just being stirred up by a few people. Pepsi is going to keep on selling like their products like they have for years and twelve upset Catholics “boycotting” aren’t going to put a single dent in their sales. What’s the big deal? Maybe the Catholic Church should form some partnerships with companies like Pepsi. It doesn’t sound like they have been doing that great by themselves.

    P.S. Drinking a Pepsi right now.

  250. Drew says:

    Not big on that whole forgiveness thing, there amy? How Catholic of you.

    Actually, your reasoning is, quite frankly, really stupid. Let’s say for a moment that the ad received enough vote to make the semifinals and Pepsi actively cut it from consideration. This would mean that they were ignorant of how offensive it was to you people and took actions to correct it. This is a sign of a company that cares and listens to its customers.

    Of course, I have no clue why you assumed it would have made the final cut in the first place. People didn’t care much for it and it simply didn’t receive enough votes.

  251. Jim K. says:

    I dont see what everyone is whining about. This add, first of all is satire and nothing is meant to be taken literally. You are all overreacting. Has this add done any damage to anything? No. I am very doubtful this would be considered blasphemy as they are not implying that you can literally consume Doritos and Pepsi MAX instead of the Holy Eucharist. And as for you people accusing Atheists of creating this as an attack on religion, I suggest you check yourself into a mental hospital.

  252. Shirley says:

    Matt: Yes, I am from another generation — and you are young…probably very nice. I am sorry I did not mean to offend you. But as you know people’s religion
    can be a touchy subject if disrespected. Take care.

  253. Mary Step says:

    What an absolute offense to the Catholic faith. I will never again purchase any Pepsi products or products affiliated with the company.

    Mary Step

  254. MATT says:

    Shirley: That’s alright and I apologize too I didn’t mean any disrespect. If someone was busting down your door and demanding that you stop with the praying and worshipping that would be one thing, but all you have to do is change the channel. Like I said, it is a lot of hot air about something that will be forgotten tomorrow. Maybe if people weren’t so touchy about religion we might see some real progress. You take care too.

  255. Shirley says:

    To Matt: thank you.

  256. Xtreem says:

    Outlaw catholicism!

  257. RLozano says:

    Anne Teresa Doran Received an e-mail today:

    A Message From PepsiCo Consumer Relations
    Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo to share your sincere thoughts.

    …We want to reassure you that the commercial you cited was not one conceived and produced by PepsiCo, and it never aired on television. Rather, it was a consumer submission in our web-based Crash the Super Bowl promotion, in which participants can upload their own 30-second spots for Doritos tortilla chips or Pepsi MAX to be considered for broadcast during Super Bowl XLV.

    We announced the contest finalists this morning and this consumer submission is not included in that selection. We hope you are further reassured to know that this consumer submission will not be aired during the Super Bowl, nor will it be included in any other Doritos or Pepsi MAX marketing programs in the future.

    We apologize if you were upset or offended by this consumer submission, and we will share your feedback with our marketing teams so they can be aware of your concerns.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write.

    PepsiCo Consumer Relations

  258. Shirley says:

    PepsiCo Consumer Relations email is well received.
    Thank you….Yes I was shocked with the commercial but this matter should be put to rest. Pepsi has established grants, I believe the latest recipient was Hannah’s Hope. Excuse me if I am wrong. Let us live together in peace.

  259. Cindy says:

    Pepsi’s good taste remains in a can, not in this year’s commercial, “Feed your Flock.”

  260. Alexander Hart says:

    As an atheist, I hope they run this ad, and you all realize you are not living in a Christian country, and Pepsi can do whatever they want. Freedom of Religion, and Freedom from Religion.

  261. Non-Irish says:

    What’s so bad? It’s not like he’s sticking his junk in their mouths or burning them at the stake for choosing Coke.

  262. Reason says:

    I will now vote for this hilarious ad.

  263. Tusk says:



    Too bad Christers can’t take a joke, though. They should have tried the Jew market. At least they recognize comedy.

  264. Tommie1 says:

    As an ex-Catholic of 19 years I just want to say that you people are pathetic. Religion is poison.

  265. anon says:

    You guys must be pretty insecure about your faith if you can’t take a simple joke. This is really not that bad. Sometimes its a good thing to laugh at little jokes. Anyways…Its not like they are depicting Jesus running through the streets of a city pooping out Doritos and then crowds of people chasing him and eating his Dorito chip poop. That would be a lot worse.

  266. pete says:

    Why no crying about this one that actually made it to the finals?:

    mocking adam and eve with sexuality and historical inaccuracy…

  267. Curt says:

    As a Catholic Anglican i am deeply offended right to my soul by this blasphemous video, it is clearly intended to be anti-Christian. And the fact that it mocks the “Real Presence” of Jesus Christ in the Mass is utterly abhorrent and insulting. And as someone who serves as an M.C at Mass this just breaks my heart, i have the highest reverence for Jesus’s Body and Blood, i hope and pray for those people who made it, that they would be converted by the Precious Blood of Jesus and live, may they be spared on Judgement Day. Kyrie eleison!

  268. Rman says:

    Oh no, we can’t mock god!!! He doesn’t have a sense of humor!!! We have to protect him from blasphemy because he can’t stop people from airing this commercial. But wait, can’t god do anything? Can’t he stop the commercial if it offends him? No, because he’s made up.

  269. Zal3x says:

    Air the add, at least now they have a reason to go to church, God ain’t real anyway. And all the hypocritical Christians can shut up with their boycott, like those b**tard fat lazy a**holes would turn down a pepsi or dorito, especially when thats the only fountain drink.

  270. Save your God rant for those who believe in Gods. says:

    Cindy T says:
    “To all, this is an assault on religion as a whole by the religion of ATHEISM. I call on all Christians and Jews, Muslims, Budist, Mormons, LDS, Seventh Day Adventist, etc. Football teams and football fans to boycott all PepsiCo products if this commercial is aired.”

    Now YOU are being offensive. VERY offensive. One of the “religions” you named there IS atheist! No belief in any ‘creator-being’ whatsover. That you would ask a person to go against their own beliefs in support of yours is utterly absurd and displays in crystal clarity the ignorance and arrogance of theists everywhere.

  271. Pilgrim says:

    To all Christians I understand that you are being protective of your religious beliefs. However it’s not pepsi who made the commercial. It’s a contest key word there is contest. To boycott pepsi is just stupid. I for one don’t care about it being aired or not. If you really don’t want it to be aired then vote for one that you do like. It also seems to me that you (Christians) are being unfair to this commercial would you be angry if it was (To use your words) mocking muslims I think not since “your religion” is really the only thing you care about to begin with. Oh and learn to read the entire post before you start posting this boycott stuff because it really makes you look stupid. Again it’s a CONTEST!!!!! PEPSI DIDN’T MAKE THE COMMERCIAL!!!!!!!!

  272. Dusty says:

    Too bad Christianity is so weak that it can’t take a mild joke. Sad really.

  273. pete says:

    Cindy T says:
    “To all, this is an assault on religion as a whole by the religion of ATHEISM. I call on all Christians and Jews, Muslims, Budist, Mormons, LDS, Seventh Day Adventist, etc. Football teams and football fans to boycott all PepsiCo products if this commercial is aired.”

    This is just incorrect. I know the makers of this ad personally and the director has a Christian background and has a Jewish wife and children. So he is not Athiest. The man who plays the minister in the ad (and whose idea the whole thing was) is a Catholic himself. A few of the crew members also are Christian. If you watch the ad again, they include people dressed in “stereotypical” fashion for many of the religions you named in your post.
    The point of the ad, albeit using a bit of controversial imagery, is that a Pepsi and Doritos give-away at a church would cause people of all religions to put aside their differences and attend a Christian church. The “controversial” part is that they are distributing the snack food in the only way they know how – using the communion plates and cups. Many non-Catholic Christian churches actually don’t receive communion by going to the alter, but rather they pass the plate seated, similar to how offering is taken.
    And Pilgrim is correct – some of you need to come out of your religious blog bubble and actually research something rather than make assumptions and blindly follow an outraged blogger.
    There is one ad that actually made the finals – called Adam and Eve that uses the imagery of Eve falling into sin by eating an apple (of course she is naked and very attractive) while Adam does not care because he has a bag of Doritos. Is this mocking the church? Is this making fun of a fundamental belief of the church? This Feed the Flock outrage can be put to rest considering the ad will not air on television. I do believe because of this outrage, more people have seen it now then if no one made a peep in the first place.

  274. Andy says:

    If your god is offended by Doritos he’s pretty petty, no?

  275. Natalie says:

    I think this is really awfull, a mockery to Holy Communion. I would like Pepsi NOT to air this commercial…

  276. […] for another awesome show of football and marketing. One group that is not so happy is the Catholics who are upset about an entry into Pepsi and Doritos’ homemade ad contest this year. They say it “will […]

  277. bezboznik says:

    every time you speak or act for god, you admit god doesn’t exist. if he did exist, he would be speaking and acting for himself. it’s your frustration that he doesn’t show up that makes you speak for him.

  278. armlesshobo says:

    You guys are offended by this ad, yet you’re okay with this: Deuteronomy 22:28-29 ?

  279. Tbuono says:

    There are much better ways to advertise your products than to focus on one group and mock their beliefs. Please consider NOT airing this commercial.

  280. RLozano says:

    Anne Teresa Doran Received an e-mail today:

    A Message From PepsiCo Consumer Relations
    Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo to share your sincere thoughts.

    …We want to reassure you that the commercial you cited was not one conceived and produced by PepsiCo, and it never aired on television. Rather, it was a consumer submission in our web-based Crash the Super Bowl promotion, in which participants can upload their own 30-second spots for Doritos tortilla chips or Pepsi MAX to be considered for broadcast during Super Bowl XLV.

    We announced the contest finalists this morning and this consumer submission is not included in that selection. We hope you are further reassured to know that this consumer submission will not be aired during the Super Bowl, nor will it be included in any other Doritos or Pepsi MAX marketing programs in the future.

    We apologize if you were upset or offended by this consumer submission, and we will share your feedback with our marketing teams so they can be aware of your concerns.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write.

    PepsiCo Consumer Relations

  281. RLozano says:

    Attention TROLLS!

    Although it’s obvious that you’re on this post because you want to cause anger and show disrespect, as Christians, your ignorance is prayed for and looked upon by Our Omnipotent Lord who is the most powerful. If you don’t believe, that’s your free will, but WE DO BELIEVE and we will give our reputations, lives and eternal salvation for our Christian Faith!! Praise be to God!! Praise be His Name!! ALL KNEES SHALL BEND!! AMEN!!

  282. pete says:

    can someone who was offended by ‘Feed Your Flock’ please tell me why this one, ‘Adam & Eve’ is not causing a simliar uproar?


  283. Shirley says:

    As a card Carrying Catholic (kidding – I don’t carry a card) I like the Adam and Eve commercial…I think it is a riot and very well done….

  284. pete says:

    were you offended by the Feed Your Flock submission?

  285. Myron Benavides says:

    Take this commercial off the air, it is mocking a Sacred Sacrament of our Catholic Faith. It is totaling wrong and should be pulled.

  286. Amy says:

    Here’s what the Eucharist can do for you. Dirty, dirty Catholics!!! From CNN…

    Hepatitis A warning issued after Christmas communion on Long Island

    New York (CNN) — Hundreds of people might have been exposed to hepatitis A while receiving communion on Christmas Day, Long Island officials said Monday.

    The Nassau County Department of Health is offering vaccines to those who attended two services at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Massapequa Park in Long Island, New York, according to Nassau County Department of Health spokeswoman Mary Ellen Laurain.

    Individuals might be at risk if they received communion during the 10:30 am and noon Masses, according to a statement from the county health department.

    “We know that there’s a potential that (exposure) could have happened,” she said. “We think the risk is relatively low.”

    At least one member of the clergy involved in the communion process was infected with the disease, Laurain said.

    There have been no additional reports of illness.

    Some 1,300 people were in attendance between the two church services, she added.

    Symptoms of the disease include the onset of fever, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pain, dark-colored urine and jaundice, according the statement. The disease is rarely fatal and most people recover within a few weeks without complications, it said.

    Individuals exposed to the disease should receive vaccination within two weeks of exposure, the statement said.

  287. Norman D. Clark says:

    This add is trying to make humor to sell products using a subject which people rightly treat with great reverence. Anyone who respects others doesn’t make fun of what those others hold dear, so it’s clear that those who made this entry for the superbowl commercial contest respect neither other people nor their religion. This is not only offensive, and a bad attempt at humor, but also shows what attitude someone thinks a large segment of Americans have(unless they don’t care about the Pepsi Company, or whether the add sells chips or not). I hope for the sake of us all that they’re wrong.

  288. Shirley says:

    Pete: Yes I was offended by the commercial and didn’t know who would ever do such a thing….and do it over a length of time due to the thought, preparation, getting people to be same minded, set up of video etc. Thanks Pete I get your point.

  289. pete says:

    so what makes ‘Adam & Eve’ funny and cute, but ‘Feed Your Flock’ is an abomination?

  290. Shirley says:

    The look on the guy’s face. I don’t consider Adam and Eve saints so didn’t take it bad.

  291. pete says:

    well, without the fall of Adam, this whole Communion issue would be moot, wouldn’t it?
    Is it not making light of a fundamental belief the Church holds to? Is it because its an OT story and we’re so far removed from Genesis that its ok to joke about it?
    There should be some consistency here. If we can’t make light of one part of a religious system/belief/doctrine, why can we then mock another part? Its all tied together, is it not?

  292. Anonymous atheist says:

    And to this retard:

    Sunday, January 2, 2011 A.D. at 2:07pm
    We wonder if you are deliberately alienating American Catholics by running the “Feed Your Flock” ad, or are you merely obtuse. May we remind you that Catholics comprise a significant percentage of American Consumers. If you wish to pass off that big a piece of the market to Coca’ Cola, then please run this ad.

    We wonder if your next ad will poke fun at Mohammed or Yahweh.

    What the hell? You realize that the Christian “god” is the same as Yahweh, right? What, did the Jews’ imaginary friend give birth and suddenly become a totally different hallucination? Read a book. Read a pamphlet. EDUCATE YOURSELF on your OWN RELIGION, moron.

  293. Shirley says:

    Re: Pete….I now understand. Thank you.

  294. Jack says:

    Pete, I think Shirley’s bowing out. I doubt she’s changed her mind. Not that that was your intention.

    I appreciate those who kept their cool over this situation and did not overreact. (Don’t some of the responses here sound a little like the Muslim reaction to the Danish cartoon with Muhammad? Without the death threats, of course. Unless you count the “death to Pepsi” messages.)

    Comedians have made jokes about the communion for decades. I remember them in stand-up routines from the 70s until current day. You have a right to contact Pepsi and let them know you are offended by the ad and hope they don’t air it. But, come on folks. Calm down. We have to stop going ballistic at everything! What would Jesus do? Turn the other cheek?

  295. RLozano says:

    It’s funny how people seem to want to ask WWJD when it conveniences them. Jesus would run the vendors out of the market place, THAT is what He would do. He would also judge and obligated us to judge unholy action and many other things. The “faithful” in the Catholic Church have been silent for the last 40yrs and so all the complacent and apathetic are uncomfortable with the FAITHFUL standing up for justice. This commercial was not made by Pepsi and was not specifically a Catholic Church, but perception is reality and the creator of the video is a Catholic. He knew the perception he was creating and with OUR outrage and voice, we made a difference and Pepsi reacted appropriately. THAT was a good ending… the bad endings are when we are silent and say nothing then 4000 babies are murdered through LEGAL abortion every single day in the U.S. and because of our silence there is no end in sight!! Now, you tell me WWJD about that so that we can start laughing at the jokes again???

  296. Shirley says:

    RLozano – Good morning.
    The other evening EWTN (Catholic broadcasting on Cable) had two woman, one a mother and the other a daughter, acting out a particular scene. The daughter comes into the room so happy telling her mother she just got engaged and was going to get married. The mother replied, “No you are not.” The girl further says “Mom, you will be a grandmother.” The distraught looking mother says, “No I won’t.” The contrast between the girl’s happiness and the mother’s sad sad face was striking. Then the girl disappears…and it comes out that the mother aborted the daughter many years ago. Some if not many women are sorry for their abortions and they endure their sorrow in silence. EWTN has a program addressing this and support groups…and info. and this has been solace for many. So thank you RLozano for bringing this up as it gave me an opportunity to share what I know with others. Wishing all peace..

  297. LizJon says:

    Pepsi, thanks for pulling the commercial. It was a lot more rude than funny. Mr Lyons, of course no one would know if the Pepsi and Doritos were consecrated or not because the video didn’t show that part of the service! The video portrays holy communion, assuming consecration so it’s not too far-fetched to believe the outcry for this rudeness. There are lots of other situations to portray that would be funny and that would make junk food look good.

  298. Mary Conners says:

    I strongly object to the airing of Feed your Flock at the Super Bowl. It will offend millions of viewers.

  299. Sowl-Patrol says:

    I am offended because James Rolfe wasn’t on there long enough….. Oh and Im offended by catholic priests who scar young boys for life!

  300. Ricke says:

    Oh boo hoo the poor christians, try worrying about things tha are more important than a commercial if it offends you dont watch it. If it really offends you that much than dont buy\drink\eat pepsi or doritos. Its this buissness they have every right to air what they want.

  301. Sharon H. Rodrigue says:

    I have a pretty good sense of humor, and I believe our God, THE God of the universe has a great sense of humor. Otherwise, this world would be a dull place. However, I do not see any humor in this ad because there is none. There is merely blatant mockery of the Most Precious Gift ever given to humanity–Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. Your decision to run this ad will do several things. It will cause true Christians to boycott Pepsi & Fritos Lay products, this will snowball causing these companies to have to lay off many innocent workers and their families will suffer as well as the communities where they live. BUT, most of all you will succeed in offending a Great God. He IS loving, merciful and forgiving, but as any loving parent does to discipline the children they love, He allows things to occur so that those same children can learn a valuable lesson. BD of Dir. @ Pepsi & Doritos (Fritos Lay)–> What are YOU willing to give up so that you can air this offensive ad?
    I’m praying for you to wake up to the Truth before it is too late.
    In God’s love, Sharon H. Rodrigue

  302. anonymous no:9875837857 says:

    “marjer says:
    Friday, December 31, 2010 A.D. at 9:59am

    And, we wonder why our country is in decline.”

    Laughed so hard my face hurts 😀

  303. harun says:


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  304. Stan says:

    I’m so happy this was pulled. It’s offensive to Catholics, their God, their Inquisitions, and their altar boys’ buttholes.

  305. Cindy says:

    You are crazy!! This add was funny and clever. Do you have any clue how ridiculous the Catholic church is? Molest little boys – but don’t make fun of communion!

  306. Tom says:

    No where in the ad are the Doritos and Pepsi consecrated. I found the commercial quite funny.

  307. margretHamilton says:

    Cindy. How can we help? The Church is not without sin, but the Church makes great strides to serve mankind in ways the secular world would never know or care. Jesus made it clear there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing, but how thoughtless to kill all the sheep because of this.

    [by the way: it appears Pepsi got scared (or smart) and pulled that ad from consideration]

  308. Fred Keyes says:

    O’Reilly Factor

  309. noneofyourbusiness says:

    i think everyone needs to calm down. The commercial is not mocking the religion. Its just meant to be funny. People overreact and look to deep into the commercial. All their doing is eating doritos and drinking pepsi their not saying saying that the religion is stupid or anything so give it a rest. Its annoying when people get offended for something that is supposed to be funny and harmless.

  310. Alex says:

    Ohmygosh who the hell cares? So what ? It’s not like their counting the stupid little beads on their wrists or praying or anything so chill out come on.

  311. lambo says:

    Shame on Pepsi, until now…. WAS my favorite Fortune 500 company

  312. PamsMom says:

    It’s a little offensive to think only Catholics would find this offensive. Communion service happens in more than just Catholic churches and Lutherans, Methodist, Presbyterians, and Christians everywhere should be CERTAIN to never buy Pepsi products again if they air this. I am sick of everything sacred being treated so cavalierly and casually. They just can’t seem to be original or funny like the commercials of old and need to resort to mindless, offensive drivel. But mocking the religious seems to be the young hip thing to do these days, now doesn’t it?

  313. Shirley says:

    Hi Alex–you ask “Who… cares…” Well, some of us do. How would you feel if someone mocked your family or a beloved grandparent? Take care and have a good day….

  314. jc says:

    I have written to pepsico regarding their audacity to run this video. All officers and media posts were copied and I know that the video WILL NOT only be NOT included in the selected group, but WILL be taken out of the contest gallery as well as it will be removed from You Tube.

    We stand Strong!

  315. Vilma says:


  316. Evan says:

    From what I’ve read, this is a contest & the commercial is not directly from either company. I’m a Protestant, and I understand why people might be upset, but you people echo the typical American these days by reacting with emotion rather than with facts. A petition to not show the commercial is one thing, but boycotts for Doritos & Pepsi is asinine; bombarding them with complaints is asinine. Having the commercial their site didn’t help, but you people should quit living solely on emotions & find out what the fact are before you go off the deep end.

  317. pete says:

    @JC – where have you been? Read what Evan has to say.

    The video will not air as of 1/3 when it did make the final 10 to be voted by fans. Also they pulled it from the gallery at the request of the production company that made it because 1. they felt bad it became such a huge controversy and 2. so the controversy could die down. They also removed it from their YouTube channel for the same reason.

    As respectful as I want to be to everyone’s opinions, if you are boycotting Pepsi Co/Frito-Lay for this commercial, you are ignorant. If you still think this ad was made to attack the church, you are also ignorant of the facts.

    This really needs to die down. Research for yourselves the actual facts of an event, before you take any action. One misunderstanding has led to this total overreaction firestorm.

    Be glad you are all Christians living in America and are not persecuted for what you believe as actual martyrs.

  318. pete says:

    *did NOT make the final 10 I meant to say.

  319. […] to find online even. It has been pulled from YouTube as well as numerous other hosting sites. Many people are pissed off about it. Is it […]

  320. Sabrina says:

    I am no Christian, and I in fact hate the way the religion is run. However, I believe that using religion at all to promote a product that is not related to the religion, no matter how the ad is displayed, is rude. I don’t know what the ad entailed, but I’m glad it was taken down.

  321. Sabrina says:

    I just watched the link provided by Fred Keyes. I still think the ad was tasteless, but I’m glad it wasn’t produced by Pepsi or Doritos, that it didn’t make the Top 10, and that Pepsi never liked it to begin with.

    For the record, this is the link Fred provided: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/371019/january-13-2011/thought-for-food—fruit-pouch–doritos-ad—super-big-gulp

  322. Bran says:

    Wow i must say a lot of people got offended over nothing…its a commercial who cares they make fun of everything….

  323. Tim Walker says:

    Hey Catholics… GROW A SENSE OF HUMOR! From An Episcopalian!

  324. Benfer says:

    All you people are overreacting to this. I am a pastors son (Presbyterian) and my family and I found this hilarious. We follow in the Lords footsteps, but there is nothing wrong with a little fun. I guess most Christians really are uptight and cant take a joke. This one prolly the best commercial and thanks to you bunch of whiners it wont be aired. The audacity, (as you all like to throw around so much) is everyone who is so angry about this not having any sense of humor whatsoever. Seriously, pull the stick out of your behinds and lighten up.

  325. Benfer says:

    Btw, if this offends Catholics so much, you might wanna stop complaining about a commercial and get your child molester priests under control first.

  326. Jackie says:



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  327. Benfer says:

    Wow Jackie, you really are sad. Jumping up and down like a 5 year old girl pointing your finger and saying “he did it, he did it!” Its quite pathetic how sad this so called group of Christians have to chastise and cry like little children about something so minuscule. Why dont you all grow up, go get a cup of coffee, and go work at a charity or be productive somehow, instead of sitting behind your computers whining and pointing your damn fingers.

  328. Benfer says:

    Btw, just have to say, Good luck to anyone who is gonna try to boycott one of the largest food and beverage (dont forget they merged with Frito Lay) companies in the world with an annual revenue of $32 billion. Its not gonna happen. With all your boycotting, theyll still make that annual amount, because you wont even take out a fraction of a fraction of $32 billion. And I guarantee 95% of you will still buy Frito Lay products. They just got their money back.

  329. Mike says:

    I’ve read just about everyone of these comments and what sad to me is what they all have in common: condemnation. I don’t approve of the ad either, however if you refer back to the word of God in 2 Corin 10:4 “for the weapons of our warefare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds…” Ephesians 6- “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against …. the rulers of darkness in this world. ”

    What’s my point- 99% of the comments here (there may be one somewhere that wrote something similar to what I’m saying) are all about pointing fingers, making Pepsi wrong, READ ON I’m not DONE, condemning this and that, arguing, etc – all weapons of the flesh. Wanna fight and make it right? I didn’t see a single comment about calling to pray for these CEO’s 2 Tim 2:1-4 “I urge that …. Prayers became for everyone- for kings and ALL THOSE in AUTHORITY, that we may live peaceful and quiet in all godliness and honesty. This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.”

    People like Pepsi CEO’s because of greed are lost. Instead magnifying that and making it worse, how about going to up to them and sharing the good news of the gospel. Tell them about Christ. Jesus came to save the sinner, not judge them. You call yourself a Christian or Catholic then act like it. The bible says don’t be offended. Take something meant for bad and turn it into good. Bring unity. Then these comments about Islam, “oh go make fun of them.” SHUTUP!! Pray for them too. I’ve seen more Muslims get converted to Christ through prayer and intercession than all this arguing, belly aching and complaining.

    Christ said forgive 70 x 7. Love the sinner, teach the sinner. That’s how you win. I’m disappointed as a Christian to see the Body of Christ on this forum, fall into the enemy’s trick.

    Pray for these CEO’s, fight for their salvation.
    You would do it for your own families right? If you disagree with me, read the scriptures above
    again. I don’t write it, I just quote it.

    Much love to all, to God be the Glory
    – mike

  330. DaveS says:

    Mike, your comment is rediculous on several levels, but the most obvious is that group of people, led by you, who stand back as cowards and insist that prayer is only done on the knees. It’s not! Prayer comes in many forms. WE must hold each other accountable. The man who created this video is a “catholic” the charitible thing to do is to call his ERROR to his attention. Charity does not mean we must stay quiet, it means we care about this mans salvation and by bringing his error to his attention, he will react and have a change of heart… it is just maddening to hear people like you who call any act of correction an act of condemnation. Unfortunatley, we have all been muted by these words – Don’t judge! Whatever! We Are called to charitably judge, make our brothers react, remind them who they serve, call them into accountability!! This man was wrong, period. What he does with the information is now on his plate.

  331. Mike says:

    One more comment- sorry!!

    I laughed at this ad (LOUDLY) when I saw it.
    I said to myself, “oh boy, folks who don’t understand the bible or those who don’t have a working knowledge of the scriptures are gonna be soooooo mad. If you’re offended by this, think about something. Do you really know who Jesus is or do you just believe in him? Do you have a relationship with God or a religion?

    Want to understand what I’m saying? Lookup Acts 8: 37 and read it out loud. Not to yourself, aloud. Read it a few times. Then lookup Romans 10:9,10 and say it outloud. Not to yourself, aloud. Read it a few times.

    Watch what happens between the time you say that and 24 hours.

    : ) mike

  332. Mike says:

    Dave you’re right, but I think he got the point 250 comments ago. Now show him love.

  333. Oh my, you folks are still talking about our little ad? Goodness! There is a facebook fan page if you want to see some of the coverage we got over this. Crazy how it went so viral. http://facebook.com/feedyourflock

  334. Pepsi is offending my faith and my religion and I will not tolerate that.

  335. Pepsi is offending my faith and my religion and I will not tolerate this.

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